He has released a poetry and music album “You Call Me in My Name – in the River Lines” by the music recording publishing house Upe tuviem un tāliem.

Poetry, readings by actors Inta Tirole, Jānis Skaņa, Maija Arvena, alternate with songs by Lauma Kazaka and sound paintings by Ieva Lapkovska. The creation of the album has gathered people from very different backgrounds – in addition to the already mentioned ones, the album features Stanislav Judina’s double bass, Andris Buikis percussion, Marianna Puriņa’s violin. The poetry concert is also an application for the upcoming poetry show, in which the presence of Armenian singer and actress Asmika Bogojana, the young singer Sniedze Dāvidsone, will add new color to the core of creative musicians and actors for more than a year. The range of poetry chosen in the show is also different.

In the poetry concert and also in the forthcoming album “You call me by name – in the river lines” I was most fascinated by how artists of extremely different experiences are able to agree on a common conversation about poetry, common music, and also mutual sincerity. This show was also made in the mood of Poetry Days, I highly appreciate the feeling recognizable to every beginner of poetry reading – the sacred and insecure moment when you have eaten through the mountains of books, hoping – albeit accidentally – to encounter what is important to you. I asked the musician Lauma Kazaka and the actress Maija Arvena if any of this was also the experience of making the poetry.

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This program will also have to explain quite a lot the regularities that have grown out of what, what have been accidental or intentional encounters. In her conversation, Maija Arven refers to director Nadine Bokovikova’s intention to create a performance based on the text of the Old Testament – King Solomon’s Song of Songs in Latvian and Russian. Actors Andris Bulis and Maija Arvena read the song in the show. The performance was delayed by a pandemic, but it was partially supplemented with interviews in the cycle “Poetry Troubadours” created by the Latvian Radio. However, in connection with the main topic of our conversation – the upcoming poetry performances – it is important that due to this production there was an interest in searching for poetry with similar content in Latvian literature, as well as a meeting with Armenian singer and actress Asmika Bagojana.

Lauma Kazaka’s musical experience is very different. Her previous song “Peppermint” was heartfelt, rather belonging to the singers’ movement. However, she has also created works for the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and Liepaja Symphony Orchestra in the master classes of young Baltic composers for the 24th Latvian Music Festival in Madona, a choral music opus for the Latvian Academy of Music’s mixed choir “Conti Music Festival”. Lauma plays bass guitar and creates music for the group “Reinis Young trio”, is a co-author of the internationally recognized music training app “Solfeg.io”. Currently, this brand – Solfeg.io – is also carried by the poetry, music and art platform, which has created a new album and top show.

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It seems that the greatest value of this project is that cardinally different understandings of music and poetry meet on one stage.