Albstadt: For Mister Bisoro, education was the basis – Albstadt

Armbruster had already officially withdrawn in 2015, but continued to help with the procurement and loading of donations in kind, paving the way for his successor Klaus Ölkrug over the often complicated matter associated with a lot of hard work – and always actively helped himself. He had been to Bisoro several times, where everyone knows him – the modest Albstadt native was a bit proud of that, although he always diverted praise for his services, once even in a letter to the editor in the Black Forest Bote after receiving the “Genuine.” gut Baden-Württemberg “2015. Tenor: It is a joint effort of many and is only attached to his person.

Nevertheless, it has earned him prizes, including the prize for his life’s work from the Development Cooperation Foundation “My world. Your world. One world.”, The citizen’s medal of the city of Albstadt in 2014 and, most recently, the Federal Cross of Merit, which he was no longer able to accept officially due to health reasons .

In his laboratory the lights were on for a long time at night

Born on July 19, 1935 in Baiersbronn-Mitteltal, Armbruster came to the Ebingen grammar school in 1963 as a teacher of physics, chemistry and mathematics and was its headmaster from 1987 to 1998. There he had supported the school exchange with the Lycée Vaugelas from the beginning of 1976 and won a companion: French teacher Rainer Günther, later chairman of the AK for 20 years, his counterpart in Chambéry, Alain Laury, and his predecessor Julien Viret were connected by a close friendship Armbruster and Térence Ndikumasabo from the “Association of Friends of the Bisoro Community”.

That Armbruster, in whose laboratory the high school often had the light on late at night, still found time to get involved in the parish council of Martinskirche, to lead the evangelical parish council of Ebingen, in the Roßberg leisure club, in the “Third World” association, in the choir Martinskirche and the association of friends and sponsors of the Ebingen grammar school was probably not only due to his iron constitution, but above all to his wife Gudrun, whom he had already met during his studies and married in 1963.

One of their two sons, Jörg, and their daughter Ulrike followed in the footsteps of their mother, who had studied medicine, and the other son, Hannes, as a physicist in that of their father.

Their children gave the couple eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren who are now mourning their grandfather and great-grandfather, because Rolf Armbruster has always been particularly good with children and young people. Working for education, youth and thus for the future was a motor for his great drive, which was combined with a lot of discipline and constant willingness to help others. His subtle humor, but above all his unpretentious modesty, made Rolf Armbruster human – many lost a real friend through his death. Even those who didn’t know him personally – the people in Bisoro, for whom Rolf Armbruster did more than was ever expected of him. The funeral on Friday takes place in the family circle due to the corona.


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