Alberto Tinarelli, who is the husband of Nicoletta Mantovani

Alberto Tinarelli it has nothing to do with the entertainment world. The 52-year-old, whom her friend Grazia Verasani introduced to Nicoletta Mantovani, widow of Luciano Pavarotti, is a financial consultant, employed in Bologna as a manager of a primary service company. Mantovani, who had only one relationship with Filippo Vernassa after the tenor’s death, met him at a dinner organized by her mutual friend.

Grazia Verasani believed that love could be born between the two.

And so it was. Alberto Tinarelli, whose life is so private that it has not even been scratched by the relationship with the more media-oriented Mantovani, fell in love with the widow Pavarotti on the spot. Love at first sight, Mantovani would have told, describing the new partner as a kind soul, deeply devoted to the family.

Nicoletta Mantovani, who now she has married Tinarelli in the Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova, in Bologna, in front of one hundred and fifty guests, he told how the man made a marriage proposal also to Alice, the seventeen-year-old daughter born of love with Luciano Pavarotti. “(Alice, ed) lived through the lockdown with us and learned to know and appreciate Alberto. He is so special that after asking me to marry him he told me that if he saw Alice waver we would never get married again and so he asked her too, who exploded with joy. Now we are a real family, ”he told Chi Mantovani, who nine months after the first meeting she married her “man of numbers”.


Nicoletta Mantovani married Alberto Tinarelli. All the pictures

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