Albers: “Cars Verstappen and Albon are not comparable”

Since Alexander Albon made the switch to Red Bull, he cannot keep up with Max Verstappen. That in itself is no shame, but in 2021 it will go from bad to worse and he will always have to fight a minute behind Verstappen with the drivers from midfield. According to former Formula 1 driver Christijan Albers, the problem is not simply that Albon is not fast enough, but his driving style is also significantly different from that of the Dutchman, according to him.

In his column The Telegraph the driver explains why he thinks that is the case. “You can’t compare the two cars of Red Bull. It’s better to put Max in a car in free practice, let him do five laps and then transfer him to the other car with a different set-up. they will learn more from Red Bull than if they let Albon drive that other car, “the former Spyker driver argues.

According to Albers, Albon does not feel comfortable in the Red Bull car, but that problem cannot be solved one, two, three. “If you have no feeling and no confidence, you make the car even slower. Imagine that Max brakes later and harder than Albon and drives five to ten kilometers faster, then you immediately have a different handling and different amounts of downforce and grip. “, explains Albers.

According to the 41-year-old Dutchman, that goes well with the major Red Bull competitor, Mercedes. “Mercedes has a lot more to do with Lewis Hamilton with Valtteri Bottas by his side, because they are closer together. A good driver next to you is essential to improve the car during the weekend. Even if it is only one tenth of a second, that is. can care so much in this sport, “said Albers.

To what extent is Red Bull under pressure to keep Albon as a teammate of Verstappen because of the Thai support? This and much more in the latest F1 podcast with racing driver Tom Coronel, F1 journalist Ruud Dimmers and host Thomas van Groningen, which can be heard below.


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