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Albanian Network in Villeurbanne Dismantled for Burglary Operation

Albanian Network Involved in Burglaries Dismantled in Villeurbanne

Villeurbanne, near Lyon, witnessed the dismantling of an Albanian network suspected of transporting stolen objects from burglaries. The arrests took place on June 14, marking a significant breakthrough in the fight against organized crime in the region.

The investigation into the network began in November 2021, following a surge in burglaries in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Investigators from the Central Office for the Fight against Itinerant Delinquency (OCLDI) started looking into a potential network involved in these criminal activities.

The gendarmes soon established a connection between the burglaries and a well-established mafia structure of Albanian burglars in the Lyon area. This network was not only engaged in receiving stolen jewelry but also involved in large-scale money laundering operations.

Further investigation revealed that the concealment of stolen objects was managed, organized, and structured from a hotel in Villeurbanne. The stolen items were stored there before being transported to Albania by small transport companies using minibuses.

On September 17, 2022, a breakthrough occurred when two of these minibuses were intercepted by the Albanian authorities during a joint judicial operation. Thirteen individuals were arrested, and a significant amount of evidence was seized. The authorities confiscated 20 kilos of jewelry, numerous gold coins, 225,000 euros in cash, luxury accessories, and 6 kilos of cannabis resin.

Following the arrests, twelve criminals were presented to a magistrate. Six of them were imprisoned, while the remaining six were placed under judicial supervision, ensuring that they would face legal consequences for their involvement in the criminal network.

In addition to the operation in Villeurbanne, further searches were conducted on fifteen sites in Albania, including two jewelry stores. These searches resulted in the seizure of 1.5 kilograms of jewelry, numerous luxury watches, and 35,000 euros in cash.

The fight against this Albanian network continued on June 14, 2023, with a second operation in Albania. This operation led to the arrest of fifteen additional individuals, twelve of whom were imprisoned. Once again, jewelry and cash were seized, further dismantling the criminal network and disrupting their illicit activities.

The successful dismantling of this Albanian network highlights the dedication and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in combating organized crime. The collaboration between French and Albanian authorities played a crucial role in bringing down this network and sending a strong message to other criminal organizations operating in the region.

The authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of the residents in Villeurbanne and the surrounding areas. The dismantling of this network serves as a reminder that law enforcement agencies will continue to work tirelessly to protect communities from the threat of organized crime.
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R 14, 2021, the OCLDI carried out simultaneous raids in Villeurbanne, resulting in the arrest of 27 individuals, all allegedly linked to the Albanian mafia network. During the operation, law enforcement officials seized a substantial amount of stolen jewelry, cash, counterfeit documents, and luxury vehicles.

The dismantling of this network is a significant victory in the ongoing battle against organized crime in the region. Authorities believe that these arrests will disrupt the criminal activities of the Albanian mafia network, leading to a decrease in burglaries and money laundering operations.

The investigation and subsequent raid were made possible through close collaboration between the OCLDI, local police forces, and international law enforcement agencies. The successful outcome highlights the importance of interagency cooperation in tackling complex criminal networks.

The arrested individuals face charges related to burglary, money laundering, possession of stolen property, and membership in a criminal organization. They are currently in custody awaiting trial.

This operation serves as a warning to other criminal networks that law enforcement agencies are committed to dismantling and disrupting their illicit activities. The fight against organized crime continues, with authorities remaining vigilant and dedicated to protecting the community and ensuring public safety.

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