Alarms about mysterious brain disease

A warning from the health authorities warns after a mysterious brain disease spreads among young people in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

According to The Guardian There have been more and more cases of the special brain disease in this region in the last two years.

Those affected are healthy, young people in their 20s and 30s.

Those affected have experienced a number of symptoms such as insomnia, spasms, hallucinations, rapid and significant weight loss, difficulty thinking clearly, and reduced mobility.


The health authorities in Canada state that they have investigated 48 cases of this mysterious brain disease.

But a whistleblower from the health authorities now states that the number is far higher, and that there should be as many as 150 cases.

The whistleblower warns that the progressive neurological disease affects more and more young adults and can lead to rapid cognitive decline.

The anonymous source, who is employed by one of Canada’s two health authorities, tells The Guardian that the number of cases of the mysterious brain disease is now increasing and that more and more young adults, who do not have underlying diseases, get a number of special symptoms.

– Really worried

– I’m really worried about these cases, because they seem to be developing so fast. “I am worried about them and we owe them an explanation of what this is,” the source told The Guardian.

Of the 48 cases that the authorities state that they are investigating, several of them are without genetic links – which may indicate that environmental factors may be the trigger.

One of the people affected by the disease is a woman in her 30s. A female nurse in her 20s, caring for this woman, has recently begun to experience symptoms of neurological decline.

Another case is a young mother who quickly lost almost 60 kilos, she also began to hallucinate and developed insomnia. Screening of her brain showed rapidly progressing brain loss.

Requires an answer

After the mysterious brain disease became known last year, when a note was leaked in the media, politicians in the province of New Brunswick have demanded answers as to what is the cause of this brain disease.

It is expected that the health authorities during January will inform about what is the reason for the increase in the number of cases of the mysterious brain disease.

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