Alarm for the health of Susana Romero

Susana romero I spoke this Monday with the program “Confronted” about his worrying state of health. At 62, the actress is a vegetarian and has not smoked or drank alcohol in years. However, she suffers from serious heart problems.

Anguished because she cannot receive the help and support of her daughters, one of them in Spain and the other in Buenos Aires, Romero commented: “I did not warn anyone in this time of a filthy pandemic. In the last three months I had two very complicated heart operations. I don’t feel well, I’m short of breath, these days don’t help me and neither does loneliness. Yesterday and today were the worst days, on the other hand there are other days when I get off. I am in full recovery and it is still missing because they also found that I have a part of the cartid semi covered. It’s because of the stress, because I don’t smoke, I don’t drink anything. “

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