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Alan Wake 2 Update: Chapter Select & Flash Horror Effect Intensity Setting Added

On January 31st, developer Remedy Entertainment released the latest update to the action-adventure game “Alan Wake 2” that adds features and fixes bugs.

Added chapter selection & changed horror settings

The main added feature of this version 1.15 update is the “Chapter Select” function, which helps you earn trophies and achievements by acquiring in-game collectible items that you missed, which has been requested by many players. It is now possible to set a setting that can weaken the flash horror effect in the work that is said to be.

“Chapter Select”

・You can replay any mission you have already cleared.

・When replaying, item progress, inventory, research board files, side content, etc. will be prepared in advance and have no relation to your current play progress.

・Manual saves are maintained.

“Flash horror effect intensity setting”

A new intensity setting for “Flash Horror Effect”, which is a jump scare effect, has been added to the optional gameplay items.

“Low” and the conventional “Normal” can be selected for visual and audio respectively.

By setting it to “Low”, the scary effect of sudden screen changes accompanied by loud sounds can be suppressed.

Other improvements include fixes and improvements to gameplay, missions, UI, and visual issues, as well as performance improvements for supported devices.For more informationOfficial website update notes (English)In can be confirmed.

“Alan Wake 2” is relatively easy to play even for those who don’t like strong jump scare elements, and is available on PC (Epic Games Store)/PS5/Xbox Series X|SCurrently on sale. The Microsoft Store, which handles the Xbox Series X|S version, is currently having a 20% off sale.

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