Alan Tacher again with COVID… Francisca and Karla Martínez do Wake Up America from their homes for prevention

Karla Martinez and Alan Tacher.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

Confirmed and by the protagonist of the news: Alan Tacher again with COVID, for what Francisca and Karla Martínez do this Thursday morning, ‘Wake up America’ from their homes for preventionbecause they were in direct contact with the Mexican presenter.

This is how we woke up this Thursday, with half the team from their homes and the rest, Raúl González, Carlos Calderón, Satcha Pretto, Robmariel Olea and María Antonieta Collins as a guest, from the studio.

I have to break the news that I am COVID positive againI feel fine, just a little congestion, a little headache, but fine and wishing that everyone who is going through the virus feels as well as I do, “Alan explained from his home.

With that attitude very different from the one he had two years ago, when he was infected for the first time, the symptoms were greater, the vaccine did not yet exist, and we have even seen him cry in fear.

Karla and Francesca? They also from their homes for prevention, since they shared with Alan all these days and due to the chain’s protocol, those who had close contact with someone who tested positive cannot appear at the Univision building until they bring their negative results.

Both assured that they feel good, and that they are only waiting for confirmation that they are negative for the virus to return to the study.

Let’s remember that Alan and Karla were the first in the team to have COVID, it was at the beginning of the pandemic. The same Francisca, who was participating in the first season of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ when she found out, almost at the same time, that she was pregnant with Gennaro and that she had coronavirus.


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