Al-Shehri responds and reveals a surprise • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Family doctor Saud Al-Shehri explained that walking is not the number one way to lose weight and the best way is proper nutrition.

And he continued, during a video clip he posted on his Twitter account: “It is related to the calories burned, for example, slow walking is not very useful, while brisk walking leads to burning 5 calories per minute, and brisk walking walking for an hour burns 300 calories.”

And she added, “Imagine you ate 3 dates, each with 23 calories, and if you ate an apple with them, it had 40 calories, and if you ate a tablespoon of sugar, it had 50 calories.”

He concluded by saying, “Therefore, walking has many innumerable benefits, but number 1 in weight reduction is nutritional rationalization and healthy eating.”

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