Al-Nasr loses the first case in 2022.. This is how the youth took revenge on Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad

Today, Wednesday, the Appeal Committee of the Saudi Football Association rejected the appeal of the club victory Filed against the complaint of Khaled Al-Baltan, President Youngwhile upholding the disciplinary penalties issued in this regard.

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Victory in 2022, the Saudi sports community ignited, twice, the first when Al Hilal complained about the crisis of the star Muhammad Kanoo, who signed for the two parties last January, and the second, when he filed a complaint against the federation due to illegal negotiations with Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah.

Al-Nasr, headed by the Muammar family, was able to win the two cases, both against him Crescent moon or the Union.

Al-Shabab avenges “Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad” .. Al-Nasr loses the first case in 2022!

The Appeal Committee of the Saudi Football Association announced, a short time ago, that it accepted the appeal of Al-Nasr against the disciplinary decisions issued in the youth complaint, in form, while rejecting the subject, in addition to supporting the penalties of the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee.

The Discipline and Ethics Committee had imposed a fine of 92,500 thousand Saudi riyals on Al-Nasr, against the background of offensive chants and chants against Khaled Al-Baltan, in the match against Al-Shabab (4-2), when the two teams met at the Marsool Park Stadium on May 6, 2022.

And it became necessary for Al-Nasr to pay the fine, as President Musali Al Muammar lost his first “domestic” case in 2022.

what happened? After the victory over Al-Shabab (4-2) in the second round of the competitions Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional LeagueKhaled Al-Baltan appeared angry in his media interview with the “SBC Stadium”, announcing the submission of an official complaint to the Ministry of Sports, due to the chants of the Al-Nasr fans, which he described as “unacceptable.”

The youth chief stressed that the position of the victory president is unacceptable, as he was supposed to issue an official statement in order to reject the “extraneous” chants against the Saudi sports community, or to take action against the Jamahiriya.

He stressed that the victory administration’s ignoring of what happened at Mrsool Park Stadium means approval and blessing of what was said against Khaled Al-Baltan, what he described as “absurd.”

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