Sport Al-Khatib opens an investigation in Al-Ahly because of the...

Al-Khatib opens an investigation in Al-Ahly because of the “operation” of Hussein Al-Shahat


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly Club, opened an investigation into Hussein Al-Shahat’s surgery, the team player for whom the player will be absent from training and matches for more than four months, which caused a severe shock inside the corridors of the Red Castle, especially since the team’s medical device has already announced that the “hernias” operation conducted by Hussein Al-Shahat Recently it takes only four weeks for the player to return to training before everyone in the club receives a severe shock by the player’s doctor’s assurance that the surgery will remove him for a period of more than four months, which angered the club’s soccer planning committee, as well as Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and the latter opened an investigation into the reasons for the player to perform the surgery before returning The exercises are a few days long and not conducted with the start of the stopping period in mid-March, against the backdrop of the “Corona pandemic.”

Red Castle officials questioned the secret of this long period that the player needs to recover from this surgery, and the finger pointing Hussein Al-Shahat Because of the strange timing of the surgery, the ball planning committee also accused the club’s manager, Abdel-Hafeez, of the team’s ball director, that he had not fully played his role in this matter, as he had to choose the appropriate date for surgery in a way that does not deprive the team of the efforts of a player the size and importance of Hussein Al-Shahat four months because the team will lose His efforts according to this period in the most important periods of the season locally and in Africa. The player will not participate with Al-Ahly in the league championship, which will be resumed in August after a hiatus of several months due to “Corona”. He will also not participate in the African Champions League semi-final against Morocco’s Wydad in September.

Meanwhile, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Director of Football in Al-Ahly Club, welcomed the Moroccan confrontation in the African Champions League semi-finals from one match and at a neutral stadium, according to the Confederation of African Football (CAF), and said that the current circumstances require everyone to support the Kef in order to return The activity and the resumption of the rest of the Champions League, explaining that the establishment of the semi-finals next September from one match and in a neutral country achieves the principle of equal opportunities as long as it was applied to the four teams that reached the Golden Square.

Abdel Hafeez pointed out that the conditions that the world lived through due to the “pandemic” of Corona, and what this virus caused from freezing activity for several months, makes it necessary to agree on such solutions so that activities and sports life gradually return to normal.


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