Al-Ittihad of Alexandria snatched the tie point against Zamalek in the dead time

The Zamalek team tied with Al Ittihad of Alexandria with a goal to match in the match that was held between them at Burj Al Arab Stadium within the activities of the eighteenth round of the League.

Tunisian Ferjani Sassi advanced to Zamalek in the 44th minute of the match, and Ahmed Rashid tied for Ittihad in the third minute of stoppage time, so the two teams divided the game points, and the balance of the white team rose to 35 in third place, while Al Ittihad rose to 28 points and is still in fifth place .

first half

The match started with a pulse period from the two teams, and no serious attacks were possible on the goal of the two teams despite the possession of the center of the white team of the ball and the attempt to build some attacks on the goal of Emad Al-Sayed, Al-Ittihad goalkeeper. His line of defense.

Zamalek continues his pressure in the second quarter of an hour of the match after the white team’s players completely dominated the course of the match and the Al-Ittihad players retreated back in order to preserve the result of the negative tie and the brilliance of Hazem Imam and Mohamed Abdel Shafi Zahiri Zamalek in building attacks and making many crosses.

In the 23rd minute, Zamalek has the most dangerous chances of a perfect cross from the left side that was tackled by Mustafa Mohamed and fired a powerful ball with his head saved by Emad Al-Sayed brilliantly, after which Al-Ittihad players tried to absorb the enthusiasm of the white team players by transferring the ball in the middle of the stadium to continue the negative tie between the two teams.

The match calms down a little, starting from the 31st minute, until the 36th minute comes, and Tunisian Fergani Sassi builds one of the Zamalek attacks and receives the ball after he comes and grabs with Ahmed Sayed Zizou and launches a shell from outside the penalty area slightly above the bar.

Zamalek is active in the ten minutes of the first half and attacks with all its lines until the 44th minute came to announce the advance of the white team with the first goal through Tunisian Fergani Sassi after he received a ball inside the penalty area and hit the ball strong in the goal announcing the goal of the scoop for the sons of the dead obstacle, after which Al-Ittihad tries Al-Skandari built the attacks until Muhammad Al-Hanafi released the match referee, whistled him announcing the end of the first half, with Zamalek advancing with a goal to nothing.

The formation of Zamalek came as follows:

Goalkeeper: Mohammed Abu Jabal.

Defense line: Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mahmoud Al-Wensh, Muhammad Abdul Shafi.

Midfield: Tariq Hamed and Mohamed Hassan, with Islam Jaber, Ferjani Sassi and Ahmed Zizou in front of them.

Offensive line: Mustafa Muhammad.

The formation of Zamalek witnessed the return of Tariq Hamid after recovering from a pelvic injury and pushing Tunisian Fergani Sassi in the playmaker center due to the absence of Youssef Obama for an anterior muscle injury.

While the formation of the union came as follows:

Goalkeeper: Emad El-Sayed.

Defense line: Mahmoud Rizk, Marwan Al-Najjar, Muhammad Anwar and Mr. Salem.

Midfielders: Ahmed Nabil Manga, Khaled Al-Ghandour, Ahmed Hajji, Mohamed Al-Sabahi, and Marwan Attia.

Offensive line: Khaled Qamar.

Second half

The second half began with an organized attack by the Al-Ittihad players of Alexandria in order to score the equalizer, met by a defense from the players of Zamalek to absorb the increased enthusiasm of the players of Sayed Al-Balad, relying on the counter-attacks after the presence of large spaces in the defenses of the Union and one of the dangerous attacks is available to the white team in the 53rd minute by Mustafa Mohamed Who penetrated into the penalty area and shot a powerful ball outside the goal, amid objections from Al-Ittihad players to the flag rule for offside.

In the second quarter of the hour of the second half, Zamalek players succeeded in controlling the course of the match after Zamalek made two changes in the 63rd minute with the descent of Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi instead of Muhammad Hassan, and Muhammad Onajem instead of Islam Jaber, and in the 66th minute Imad Al-Sayed continued his brilliance and confronted the complete isolation of Ashraf Bin Sharqi brilliantly.

In the 72nd minute, the Alexandria Union makes two changes by going down Ahmed Rashid instead of Muhammad Al-Sabahi, and Islam Jamal instead of the injured Muhammad Anwar, and in the 73rd minute, Emad Al-Sayed continues his glory and confronts a real opportunity from Ahmed Sayed Zizou.

Zamalek continued his attack in the last quarter of an hour of the match after the Al-Ittihad players had physically collapsed and the back lines of the Sayed Al-Balad players were opened and the white team’s players exchanged the loss of easy opportunities in front of the opponent’s goal. Mustafa Muhammad leaves the unsuccessful and Omar Al-Saeed replaces him.

Al-Ittihad of Alexandria is active in the last five minutes and the leader of Al-Thaghah succeeded in achieving the equalizer from a cross from the left front into the penalty area. Khaled Qamar met with a header that prepared the ball for his colleague Ahmed Rashid in the face of the goal, who received it with a powerful shot into the net.

Zamalek and Etihad Alexandria (2)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (3)

Zamalek and Etihad Alexandria (4)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (5)

Zamalek and Etihad Alexandria (6)

Zamalek and Etihad Alexandria (7)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (8)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (9)

Zamalek and Etihad Alexandria (10)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (11)

Zamalek and Etihad Alexandria (12)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (13)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (14)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (15)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (16)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (17)

Zamalek and Ittihad of Alexandria (18)

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