Al-Bassami: Scheduling an Appointment Necessary for Performing “Umrah” and Worship at the “Haram” – News 24 – Akhbaar24

The Director of Public Security, Lieutenant General Muhammad Al-Bassami, revealed today (Tuesday) that performing Umrah requires booking an appointment in the “Tawakkalna” application, as well as in the “Nesk” application, indicating that the numbers are available and very sufficient.

And he added, in a press conference for the leaders of the Umrah security forces in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, that what is required is to adhere to the dates because it is part of the organization, pointing out that the entire matfah dish has been allocated to the pilgrims, in coordination with the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

He explained that the first floor, the third Saudi expansion, and the outer yard have been allocated for worshipers, as well as the roof, which has become ready this year and will be used according to the agreed plan.

He stated that the paths of entrances and exits have been reorganized to determine the safety of entry and exit from the Noble Sanctuary, explaining that for the first time it is expected that the First Ring Road will be fully used to implement the concept of crowd management and the separation of vehicles from pedestrians.

Al-Bassami announced the readiness of the Umrah security plans for implementation, starting from the first day of Ramadan, with the support and guidance of the Minister of Interior, indicating that dealing will be firmly with the perpetrators of negative phenomena, and the system will be applied to them, especially beggars, because the sanctuary and its squares were only designated for worship.

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He said that we ask all pilgrims, citizens, residents and visitors to cooperate, and the need to wear a muzzle and adhere to it as we are accustomed to them, as this matter is necessary for effective prevention in the Grand Mosque.

For his part, the Acting Director of Civil Defense, Major General Dr. Hammoud Al-Faraj, announced the completion of the readiness of security and safety plans to receive visitors to the Holy House of God in Ramadan.

He added that, based on the general emergency plan approved by a decision of the Minister of Interior, all groups concerned with dealing with emergencies were identified, and based on that expected assumptions based on identifying and analyzing risks, as well as the work of volunteers, were determined.

He pointed out that the General Directorate of Civil Defense worked during the months of Rajab and Shaaban to intensify inspection tours of all residences and all facilities frequented by pilgrims to ensure the availability of prevention and protection requirements, and the completion of the necessary permits, pointing to conducting about 5 thousand inspection tours during the two months.

In turn, the Deputy Director of Passports, Major General Dr. Saleh Al-Murabba, announced the end of all plans to receive pilgrims by supporting these plans with human cadres and treating pilgrims with kindness, and emphasizing on all workers the need to serve all arrivals through the land, sea and air ports, and we affirm that we are in the service of these pilgrims and in the service of guests merciful.

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He added that all the ports are ready to receive pilgrims and visitors, and we have prepared halls designated for them at the land ports, indicating that the concerned authorities and those participating with us have made all the required preparations, indicating that this season will be very successful with God’s help.

He pointed out that there are 3 axes for the passport plan, the first axis is related to human and technical preparations, which have already been completed, as human cadres are present in all ports, and these cadres are able to complete the procedures easily and easily, and the ports are equipped with modern devices to detect forgery as well as to facilitate procedures.

And he indicated that the second axis is related to operational plans and programs for this year, which have already been completed and tested by developing certain scenarios, indicating that the last axis is related to educating pilgrims so that they are not held accountable.

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