Al-Ahly star celebrates his engagement to Hossam Ghaly’s sister-in-law

The ceremony was held among friends and family, and a large number of Al-Ahly fans shared a picture of the engagement ceremony, in one of the famous hotels, and soon Hani received a large number of congratulations from her fans through the social media platforms.

The Red Castle player obtained permission to hold his engagement from Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at the Red Club, and Al-Ahly is preparing to face Pyramids in the Egyptian Premier League.

The technical staff of the first football team at Al-Ahly club granted a rest for the players from training today, Friday, provided that the team will resume training tomorrow, Saturday, in preparation for the Pyramids team, scheduled for next Sunday, in the 33 and penultimate round of the Premier League championship.

The coaching staff, led by Pitso Musimane, gave his players a rest, for fear of injuries due to the pressure of matches and the lack of adequate rest, especially before the semi-finals of Africa.

Yesterday, the team’s training witnessed the participation of Ahmed Al-Sheikh in group exercises, after recovering from muscle fatigue, which he recently complained about, went through a treatment and rehabilitation program, and underwent a medical examination before the start of the exercises, and the medical device made sure of its readiness to participate.

The training saw the focus on ball training, as the coaching staff, led by Musimani, made a strong division in the middle of the field to implement some technical and planning aspects.

Aliu Badji continued to implement its own training program; To prepare him for his return to participate in the group training session, the Senegalese performed a session in the “gym”, and implemented some qualifying paragraphs as part of the program he is implementing to recover from an ankle injury, which kept him away from the Enppi match yesterday, Wednesday, in which Al-Ahly won 3-0.

Ayman Ashraf performed a physiotherapy session, then training in the “gym”, after he complained of fatigue in the calf muscle during his participation in front of Enppi, and left the match stadium as a result, and the Al-Ahly defender is subject to a treatment and rehabilitation program; To prepare him to return to participate in the group training session.


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