Al-Ahly insists on the departure of Saleh Juma in this way

Al-Ahly’s board of directors refuses to back down and surrender in the departure file of Saleh Jumaa, playmaker of the first team’s soccer ball in the Red Mard, especially after all attempts to market the player were unsuccessful during the last winter transfer window.

Al-Ahly’s administration, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, is determined to leave the player and refuse to stay because of his lack of commitment and his frequent absence from training, especially after Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of the ball in the Red Castle, imposed a large financial penalty on the player because of recklessness and absence from practice.

Al-Ahly management assigned the Red Castle Marketing and Contracting Committee to search for an offer to the player in one of the leagues in which the registration is still open in the manner of Abdullah Al-Saeed, Pyramids playmaker while he was in Al-Ahly and Amr Gamal, the attacker of Tala’i Al-Jaish, who were exposed to the same situation by closing the registration and fought the experience of playing in the league. Finn”.

The technical staff of Al-Ahly led by the Swiss, Rene Weiler, announced that he did not need Saleh Jumah to be in the red team’s ranks, as he confirmed that he wished him success in another place because the player left his technical accounts because he was not always ready..

Saleh Juma was subjected to a number of financial penalties by Al-Ahly football manager Syed Abdul Hafeez, after he was absent from training for a period without obtaining permission from the technical staff, which the player considered a kind of objection to his lack of participation in matches and Fyler ignored him even during the division that he performs during the course of what affects At his technical level and making him completely away from the rest of his colleagues .

Al-Ahly’s administration has given Amir Tawfiq, the manager of contracts and marketing in Al-Ahly, the green light to market Saleh Jumaa, but all attempts failed to keep the player’s survival and continuity in the team a realistic matter. .

Adly Al-Qiai, Al-Ahly Contracting Adviser, spoke about the crisis in Saleh Jumah, stressing that he must take the opportunity because it may be the last, especially that the technical staff has patience on him a lot and that matters are in the interest of the player to obtain a last chance through which he can respond to everyone inside the stadium and this will only come Through him it is only because the technical director pays any ready player because he wants to win and this will only be with the ready player.



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