Al-Ahly Channel: Kahraba travels with the team to Morocco, despite his injury in front of Pyramids

Al-Ahly channel correspondent revealed from the stadium of the red team match with Pyramids, the extent of the injury of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, the team’s playmaker, after he was replaced during the events of the first half after a complaint from the posterior muscle. He was replaced according to the instructions of the technical staff, which works to rest any player who feels tired, and he will conduct x-rays within hours and will be with the team in the next match against Wydad.

The first half of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match, which is currently being held at Cairo International Stadium, ended in the top matches of the thirty-third and penultimate round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, with a goalless draw.

The formation of Al-Ahly came as follows: Ali Lotfi, Muhammad Hani – Hamdi Fathy – Yasser Ibrahim – Ahmed Fathy, Aliou Diang – Amr Al-Soulia – Muhammad Majdi “Qafsha” – Hussein Al-Shahat, Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba” and Junior Ajay, and the substitutes list includes: Mustafa Schubert – Salih Jumaa – Walid Suleiman – Ali Badji – Ahmed Al Sheikh – Shady Radwan – Muhammad Shukry – Arab Badr – Muhammad Fakhry.

As for the Pyramids formation, it included Mahdi Suleiman, Ahmed Ayman Mansour, Abdullah Bakri, Muhammad Hamdy, Ahmed Tawfiq, Mahmoud Hamada, Nabil Emad Dunga, Ibrahim Adel, Muhammad Farouk, Abdullah Al-Saeed and John Antwi.

A spirited start on the part of Al-Ahly, who pressed hard through the attacking trio of Shahat, Kahraba and Ajay, and Hussain Al Shahat wasted the opportunity to score an early goal after he was alone with Mahdi Suleiman, after which Muhammad Farouk hit a strong time that came away from Sheba, Lutfi, a goalkeeper for my family and suffered a strong injury to leave the field and participate in his place Badgie.

Pyramids became active gradually and Mohamed Farouk played a strong header, but it passed by the post, and the two teams tried to visit the net, but to no avail, and Qafsha was blocked after a strong clash with Abdullah Al-Saeed, and the latter received a yellow card for roughness in the 28th minute.

Receive the treatment and complete participation in the match and calmed down the game a little and confined to the middle of the field before Qafsha was subjected to a new obstruction from Muhammad Farouk and Mahmoud Al-Banna, the referee of the match, declared a yellow card to Muhammad Farouk, and the latter led a dangerous attack by Pyramids from the right side and was obstructed by Hamdi Fathi, who received a yellow card for roughness .

Ahmed Ayman Mansour scored the first goal of the match for Pyramids, but Mahmoud Al-Banna resorted to the mouse technique to know the legality of the goal or not due to offside, and after that the referee canceled the goal for offside, after which Amr Al-Soulia received a yellow card for roughness with Nabil Emad “Dunga” and then Al-Banna resorted to the mouse technique to cancel the yellow card He transfers it to a red card and leaves Al-Soulia on the pitch.

Play stopped again due to the treatment of Dunga and then on Lotfi, the Al-Ahly goalkeeper, and the game calmed down before he led a dangerous attack to Al-Ahly and passed a ball to Diang, who dodged Abdullah Bakri, the Pyramids defender, and hit a ball, but it touched Bakri’s “hand” and Al-Banna counts a penalty kick for Al-Ahly that Qafsha will tackle and tackle Her Mahdi Suleiman saves his team from the advance, and then the first half ends with a goalless draw.

Although Al-Ahly has already settled the league championship, there are those who are demanding that the match be played with full force in order to avenge Pyramids Who won more than once on Al-Ahmar last season and toppled him from the Egypt Cup, while others from Al-Ahlya believe that the match represents a “sum total” and does not deserve the team to burden its players in it, especially since Al-Ahly has a very important match next Saturday in front of Moroccan Wydad at the latter’s stadium in The semi-finals of the African Champions League have gone and this confusion hit the coaching staff of the team led by South African coach Pitso Mosimane himself during the last period. The new coach of the red genie wants to achieve a good result against the heavenly team after he led the team to victory in its first two matches against Al Mokawloon and Anbi with a clean goal and three cleans on But at the same time, he is afraid of an increase in Al-Ahly Hospital inmates if the team plays tonight’s match with full force and enthusiasm.


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