Akwasi receives FunX Award for role in ‘fight against racism in the Netherlands’ | NOW

Akwasi won the Power Award during the FunX Awards on Wednesday. According to FunX, the rapper has “been a hero and figurehead” in the fight against inequality in the Netherlands.

“I am grateful to FunX for the recognition and that they have created a power award,” said Akwasi. The rapper was discredited this year because of his controversial Zwarte Piet statements. The OM decided to take the case against him last week dismiss.

Akwasi says it’s not about him, but that he’s pursuing a greater goal. “I would like to dedicate this award to anyone who has ever thrown a fist in the air. Throw it even higher and touch the stars.”

The FunX Power Award is a new award and will be presented annually to someone who has made a social contribution for the FunX target group.

The prize for best female artist went to Numidia. Rapper Boef received the prize for best male artist.

Boef already had the best chance of winning FunX Awards on Wednesday with seven nominations. The award show could be followed on NPO3 and took place without an audience this year.

Boef wins prize for best number

The prize for best video clip went to rappers Yssi SB, D-Double, Henkie T, Sevn Alias ​​and Josylvio with the song Paper See. The award for the best song goes to Boef and singer Numidia with the song All is well.

The prize for the best up-and-coming talent was won by Bilal Wahib, known for his songs, among other things Video Vixen in Tigers. The award for best singer went to rapper Frenna.


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