Ajax-farewell does rapping Lang a lot: ‘I say honestly, it is not nice’

His love for Ajax is therefore deep. Lang, born in the Rotterdam area, actually reluctantly played with the Feyenoord emblem on his chest when he was young. He was and is an Ajax player, just like his father. In the C-youth he made his desired switch.

In the years that followed, he was invariably seen as one of the greatest talents of sports complex De Toekomst. He could play football. But Lang could be a tough, rebellious boy at times.

Goodbye with a rap of its own

With his own rap he said goodbye to his Ajax on his Instagram page. A song that he made with good friend Justin Kluivert, with whom he also played football in youth. “It’s about our lives.” For example, Lang raps:

Debut at Ajax, quite nervous but yes, I did it. Was in the base, you know what’s weird, I scored 3-1, immediately showed who’s boss.

From the most hated guys in the whole country, whatever I do the next day it’s back in the papers.

“Because of my attitude, I have not always been loved in the Netherlands. I notice that it is changing, but that has been a while. But what is most important to me is: I am myself, I am not a follower and walk my own path. That’s how I am and how I always stay. “

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