AIS expands its wings to the ‘insurance’ business, joining MSIG to penetrate InsurTech

February 11, 2021


Start the engine “Good Drive Insurance”, a new generation of automobile insurance innovation Daily premium charge Monthly premium payment Raising the level of InsurTech standards in full, the first project from the OIC Project Insurance Regulatory Sandbox, full coverage for both 1st and 2nd +

Mr. Alistair David Johnston, Managing Director of Business Development, New Business Development, Advanced Info Service (AIS), said that in addition to the telecommunications company core business AIS aims to become a comprehensive digital service provider by working with professional partners. Which has recently entered the insurance business From the original business in East Asia Finance Video, AIS Insurance Service will focus on bringing digital technology to upgrade the insurance industry.

Recently, it has joined forces with MSIG, a global leader in insurance and financial services. Under the support of The Office of the Insurance Commission or OIC launches “Good Driver Insurance”, the first fully-powered InsurTech car insurance in Thailand.

For good driver insurance From MS, IG and AIS. It is considered the first car insurance that calculates the premium based on driving behavior by using the innovation from Internet of Things (IoT) and the first communication technology in Thailand. Which has been approved by the OIC to join a test project that brings innovation and technology to support the service for the insurance business (Insurance Regulatory Sandbox) has been completed.

He added to this cooperation that in addition to AIS Insurance Services will act as an intermediary. Selected the best insurance service from partners to deliver to customers. We also take our strengths as a provider of digital infrastructure. With the highest network coverage With the most frequency Including digital A platform that helps transform insurance services And create a further difference from digital technology This time jointly developed the MSIG Car Informatics device that implanted IoT devices to be able to transmit signals via AIS network. And processing into the cloud of MSIG is precisely stable. According to real customer usage behavior Time It also supports monthly payment channels through the digital payment gateway system that provides the most convenience and security. It is the first InsurTech prototype for customers.

He said good driver insurance is a reasonable car insurance plan, paying when you drive, if you don’t drive, you don’t have to pay. The insurance premium is charged according to the usage behavior of the real motorist. This is consistent with driving statistics in Thailand, which found that 60% of drivers who did not have accidents had become well-tracked drivers. But you have to pay the same premium as others by Driving Good Insurance is a car insurance that calculates the premium from various variables The most fashionable Using data analysis from Big Data with MSIG Car Informatics or OBD II (On-Board Diagnostic) device is a small device used in the car. Able to store variables and driving behavior in depth. And more detailed than Telematics that store only the distance or hours

“The OBD II will collect data to deliver insurance premiums based on driving behavior efficiently and accurately according to actual usage with the concept of“ Driving is not the same. Why pay the same? ”Calculated through 5 main parameters: distance / speed / driving time / driving time. And driving area Which saves up to 50% on insurance premiums, with 24-hour customer care services, aiming to 20,000 policy premiums of 160 million baht from this program within 1 year “

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