AIS and Channel 3 create the phenomenon of 5G virtual concert for the first time in Thailand.

COVID-19 cannot distance happiness! AIS and Channel 3 create the phenomenon of 5G Virtual Concert for the first time in Thailand “AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021”

Carrying the army of 30 hottest celebrities and artists of every generation Prepare to give happiness to the end of the year to Thai people nationwide. Serve the excitement through the 360 ​​° screen, fireworks, fun at the same time, on December 31 at AIS PLAY, The appApplications AIS 5G PLAY VR, AIS VR 4K and Channel 3 HD without ads.

COVID-19 Cannot prevent happiness from returning the countdown! AIS and Thai TV station, Color TV Channel 3 HD, a popular station of Thai people nationwide. Prepare to deliver the most impressive happiness Safe and worry-free For Thai people across the country Ready to step into a new era together for a super fun way beyond imagination Organizing the first virtual concert countdown on the online world in Thailand AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021

Excited with a concert countdown like 5G Virtual Reality That will take the Thai people to join the countdown to the most advanced new normal year of the cow Beyond imagination Closest The most fun As if screaming on the edge of the stage Through the screen of various channels on AIS PLAY, The appApplications AIS 5G PLAY VR, AIS VR 4K and Channel 3 HD correspond to the situation in the era.COVID-19 Supporting Thai people to maintain social distance (Social Distancing)


Mr. Prathana Leelapanang, Chief Executive Officer, AIS General Customer

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Mr. Prathana Leelapanang, Head of the AIS General Customer Group, said “In the era of COVID-19 Still with us Causing restrictions on offline events In addition, Thai people still have to take care of hygiene and keep a distance according to the Social Distancing measures during the Happy New Year’s Eve festival.

AIS, as a Digital Life Service Provider, has now brought the potential of AIS 5G network to fulfill the happy lifestyle for customers and Thais of all generations in all dimensions. Therefore, it has changed the organization of the concert that was previously organized in a physical format on the online platform. So that Thai people can stay at home to celebrate happiness with their families as before through AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021Virtual Reality (VR) concerts or virtual worlds through smartphones and televisions at home.


Mr. Surin Krittayapongpan Director Television Business Division BEC World Company

Which provides full visual, light, sound and virtual effects in a 360-degree interactive multimedia format, with over 30 popular Thai celebrities and artists of all generations, led by Bam Bam GOT7, Peck Palitchoke, James Jirayu, Taew Natthaporn, Toei Charinporn, Mew Nittha, Puttputichai, ViViolet, Tom Isara, Weir Sukon Wat, Bella Ranee, New Year Awarin, Ally Achiraya, Buakin Putthipong, PP Krit, Sky Wongrawee, TRINITY, Polycat, Slot Machine, Triumphs Kingdom , Young women, young women and a special new year greeting clip from Lisa BLACKPINK, a parade of happiness to deliver to Thai people. Be thrilled And jump into the most fun as if it were just right on the edge of the stage

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Will create a new atmosphere for watching the concert New experience And to feel closer to the artist It was considered a countdown celebration in the new normal era. That is ready to fully open the door for Thai people to enter the 5G era

byAll Thai people, all networks canWatch a concert AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021Go together on the day This 31 December at AIS PLAY special! Watch closely 360 ° at the AIS 5G PLAY VR application starting at 18.00 AM onwards or watch on Channel 3 HD press 33 Without interstitial ads from time to time 22.20 p.m. onwards “

Mr. Surin Krittayapongpan Director Television business line BEC World Public Company Limited Said, “Thai TV Color Television Channel 3 is a popular Thai television station that consistently delivers happiness and entertainment to Thais. And on the occasion of celebrating New Year’s Eve, welcoming the new year 2021 during the COVID-19 era That encourages Thais to live together to celebrate the happy family festival at home

We are very pleased to be joining AIS. It is a medium to send messages of happiness to Thai people all over the country to enjoy the most innovative concert of the era “AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021” that is special, exciting and closer to artists than ever before. From a variety of leading Thai stars and artists on parade to bring happiness to Thai people on their home screens without interstitials via Channel 3 HD from 22.20 hours onwards. “

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This Mr. Prathana Further mentioned the happiness that AIS has prepared to give to Thai people that “To fill a special time for Thai people to be happier and more comfortable than ever, AIS has joined hands with partners to offer privileges and strengthen the network to welcome the year of the cow 2021 consisting of

  • Special privilege for AIS customers can use 10 AIS points Redeem for new year insurance “Aun Jai Plus” for free.! From Muang Thai Life Assurance Through the myAIS application easily, from today until January 31, 2021, accident coverage is up to 100,000 baht with insurance. COVID-19 instead of concern, delivering happiness for the end of the year to AIS customers with greater peace of mind.

Set the card high! Strengthen the network Add the ability to support the use of networks including AIS 5G, AIS 4G ADVANCED, AIS NEXT G, AIS SUPER WiFi and AIS Fiber an additional 300%. Ready to strengthen the network of engineers

Standby maintains network efficiency throughout the country 24 hours a day, including the network management center, central and regional network management center. So that they are ready to solve any problems in any case As well as customer service teams, including the AIS Contact Center 1175 team and all social media channels. Standby takes care of the service 24 hours a day to deliver the best user experience duringDay offRest throughout the New Year season.

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