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Airport vouchers: the association calls for price adjustments

He said that he generally welcomes the initiative to launch voucher sales, which aims to improve the guest experience by providing a simplified and predictable way of travel, which is essential for the tourism and hospitality industry, but in the opinion of the association, the set price of €33.50 is disproportionately high. , compared to existing taxi platform offers, such as “Bolt”, where the prices for similar trips are significantly different and lower.

“Such a price policy can have negative consequences for the competitive conditions of the industry and consumer choice, as well as potentially affect the prices of taxi services in general, creating a risk that the prices of existing carriers will rise and match this high voucher price,” commented Kalniņš.

LVRA calls on the responsible authorities to carefully evaluate the impact of the determined voucher price and to consider the possibilities of correcting it so that it is fair and accessible to a wider range of passengers. “This could include more flexible price categories depending on the length of the trip and the destination, as well as cooperation with a wider range of taxi service providers to ensure competition and options for passengers,” Kalniņš said.

LVRA unites accommodation and public catering companies for professional cooperation in order to improve the quality of customer service, organize the Latvian hotel market and represent Latvian hotel and restaurant business in the world. LVRA is a member of the “Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes in Europe” association.

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