Airport blockade ended by climate activists

A “Last Generation” blockade at Munich Airport has ended. There were no major disruptions to traffic this time. In the morning there were further actions in Frankfurt and Berlin, for the day even more has been announced.

Climate activists also partially blocked streets on Wednesday by sticking themselves there. In Munich, according to the police, eight people sat down on an access road to the cargo halls at the airport and stuck themselves to the asphalt.

A reporter from Bayerischer Rundfunk first reported on it. As the alliance “Last Generation” announced, there were also similar actions at the airports in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Police officers carry away a demonstrator: The capital’s BER airport was also the target of the activists. (Source: Christian Mang/Reuters)

Air freight and passenger air traffic were disrupted. However, there were no significant disruptions to traffic, the police said in a press release. Only the access to the cargo area was temporarily only “very restricted”. The blockades had been in place since 7:30 a.m.

They finally broke up around 10 a.m. According to the police, the activists were temporarily taken to the Munich Airport police station. Criminal investigations were initiated against them because of the initial suspicion of coercion in road traffic.

As the activists of the “uprising of the last generation” report, who acknowledge the action on Twitter, there were also actions in Berlin and Frankfurt. Photos show people standing on a street at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. Activists also sat down on the airport ring at Frankfurt Airport.

In addition, actions for the rest of the day were announced on Twitter. These are to take place in Würzburg, Göttingen and Erfurt.

On Tuesday, activists had been in Nuremberg for several hours caused traffic jams during rush hour, when they blocked an exit of the Frankenschnellweg. There had already been numerous campaigns, especially in Berlin and Hamburg.

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