‘AirPods Studio available at the earliest at the end of October’

Audio enthusiasts who hope to get started with an AirPods Studio next week may have to adjust their expectations.

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AirPods Studio delivery may take longer

With only a few days to go until the iPhone 12 event, the latest rumors are pouring in. Jon Prosser is making another contribution on Twitter about the AirPods Studio: the new over-ear headphones from Apple. We would see this on October 13, but may not be available until later.

An (anonymous) source from Prosser says that production of the AirPods Studio has only been completed on October 20. That would mean that the headphones will not be available until the end of October or even in the course of November at the earliest. Even if it is revealed during the event, delivery may therefore take longer than we are used to from Apple.

Prosser does not rule out that we will see the Studio next Tuesday. However, there is also a chance that Apple will choose to present it with a press release next month. After all, the company also unveiled the AirPods Pro in this way last year.

We still expect to see the Studio next Tuesday: Apple would too a HomePod mini present. Together with the AirPods Studio, that would form a nice audio block in the presentation.

Apple’s high-end headphones: the AirPods Studio

The AirPods Studio promises to be an impressive device for audio enthusiasts. With sensors in the two earphones the headphones recognize the wearing positionso you never have to look to the left or right side again. In addition, the headband would be interchangeable, so that you can, for example, use a different strap made of material that breathes better during sports.

Little is known about the price of the AirPods Studio, but with all the high-end features that have been leaked in recent months, we expect that you will have to dig into your pouch to get one. It will crack on Tuesday 13 October at 7:00 PM Dutch time iPhone 12-event in all its intensity. You can follow this live on iPhoned. We will keep you informed of everything that is announced in the livestream throughout the evening.

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