AirPods Pro: 23% Off Apple Earphones at Amazon


If wireless headphones sacrifice a little autonomy compared to their wired cousins, they offer in return a greater freedom of movement, without wires which get caught in clothes or make knots at the bottom of the pockets. AirPods Pro are equipped with an H1 chip which gives them a stable and fast Bluetooth connection, and rich sound. In addition, AirPods Pro are specially designed by Apple for other Apple products, so they can be set up in seconds with your iPhone, iPad or MacBook. And can switch seamlessly from device to device as needed. Apple AirPods Pro come with 3 different sized tips to stay in place comfortably, and they are water and sweat resistant so they can go with you during your workouts. At the moment, Amazon offers Apple’s AirPods Pro at 213 euros instead of 279 euros.

AirPods Pro are compatible with Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, so you can control your reading, or calls, by voice. A touchpad on the side takes over as needed. What sets AirPods Pro apart from their predecessors is their active noise reduction technology. The microphones pick up ambient sounds and the AirPods Pro then generate noise canceling, to offer you more calm and listening comfort. This reduction can be deactivated with a gesture thanks to the Transparency mode if necessary. Finally, for autonomy, we can count on 4.5 hours, and up to 24 hours thanks to the case.

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