Airpods 3 will be released next week

Apple will unveil its new wireless headphones in conjunction with the launch of the Iphone 13 series, according to a new leak. At the same time, a price increase is expected.

The article has been updated.

It is only a few days left until this year’s Iphone launch, and the rumors are pouring in. Now it seems that Apple’s new mobiles will be joined by a new edition Airpods.

The third-generation Airpods are likely to be slightly more expensive, according to a report by Apple specialist analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who 9to5Mac taken part of.

Anyone who wants cheaper wireless headphones from Apple can instead buy a pair of Airpods 2. They will continue to be manufactured and sold, according to the analyst. Possibly they also get a price reduction.

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New design

Previous rumors claim that the Airpods 3 will have a design that is more reminiscent of the Airpods Pro, with shorter shafts. However, they will probably not receive any active noise reduction.

The charging case for Airpods 3 is further stated to have around 20 percent larger battery, and wireless charging, which today costs extra, becomes standard, according to the leak Pineleaks. The battery in the headphones themselves is said to be about the same size as on the Airpods 2.

The sound quality should be about the same as the predecessor, but with a better bass.

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