Airlines Prohibited from Transporting Passengers 6-17 May 2021 Page all

JAKARTA, – The government prohibits the use or operation of commercial and non-commercial air transport to fly on 6-17 May 2021.

This is in accordance with the government’s decision to limit the movement of all modes of transportation as a follow-up to the policy to ban Lebaran homecoming in 2021.

“This temporary ban is comprehensive (for all modes of transportation),” said Director General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Novie Riyanto in a virtual press conference, Thursday (8/4/2021).

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However, there are a number of exceptions for planes to continue flying during the implementation of the homecoming ban. These are only for the nature of state duties, logistics, to emergency trips.

Novie said that the exception was given because air transportation has special characteristics to be able to connect one area to another.

He explained that exempted flights still need to apply for a permit in order to operate. An airline that is exempted can fly if there is an existing route permit or apply for a Flight Approval (FA) to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Novie also confirmed that his party would impose sanctions on airlines that did not comply with the rules during the Lebaran 2021 homecoming ban.

“We will impose administrative sanctions in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations on business entities that commit violations,” he said.

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The following flights are exempted from the temporary ban:

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1. Flights carrying the leaders of the RI state institutions and state guests

2. Operational flights of foreign embassies, consulates and consulates as well as representatives of international organizations in Indonesia

3. Operational flights for special repatriation flights (repatriation flights) that carry out the repatriation of Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals

4. Operational flights of law enforcement, order, and emergency services

5. Operational flights of cargo transportation

5. Operational flight of pioneering air transportation

6. Other operational flights with permission from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation

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