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The airline industry will suffer nearly $ 120 billion in losses this year, significantly more than expected in mid-summer. Hopes for the industry’s recovery next year point to the soon-to-be-launch of new vaccines. Airlines already allow passengers to be required to have a vaccination certificate before boarding an aircraft. At the same time, airlines emphasize that this issue must be accepted by national governments.


  • The aviation industry is looking forward to the development of the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • The International Air Transport Association predicts that the industry’s revenue will shrink by 60% this year.
  • Australian airline Qantas plans to require passengers to be vaccinated.
  • Some airlines believe that the decision to certify vaccination should be made by governments.
  • Britain is introducing a new quarantine policy.

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There is growing hope that an effective vaccine against Covid-19 will soon be available, as more and more companies report high levels of the vaccine they have developed. For example, today Russia has announced that its vaccine “Sputnik” already showing 95% efficiency.

News of the success of new vaccines and their release as soon as possible has led to positive news in the financial markets, where stock prices from various carriers have recently begun to rise. Of course, the focus is on air carriers and aircraft manufacturers, giving hope that severely undermined the aviation industry could begin to recover.

According to the International Air Transport Association, airlines’ passenger revenues will fall by 60% this year, and 2020 is likely to be the most difficult year ever. The association estimates that international airlines will suffer more than $ 118 billion in losses this year, about 30 billion more than was forecast in June.

Alan Joyce, head of Australia’s national airline Qantas, has recently announced that vaccines will be required to be vaccinated once the vaccines are available.

Joyce said: “We plan to change the rules for international travelers and plan to ask for proof of vaccination before boarding the plane.

For domestic flights, we will look at the situation with Covid-19 and the market situation. However, we definitely believe that such a requirement is necessary for foreign guests entering or leaving Australia. ”

Joyce has also consulted with a number of other carriers about such a vaccination request.

For example, low-cost airline Ryanair believes that at present no certification will be required, at least for flights within the European Union (EU), while hoping that various quarantine measures under the European Union’s free movement system will be lifted by next spring.

Both France’s largest airline, Air France, and South Korea’s Korean Air believe that it is difficult to predict anything for the time being, as there is no regulation to monitor such claims. That is why the decision should not be taken by the airlines but by the national governments.

Alexander de Giuniac, Director General of the International Air Transport Association, will also address the governments.

“We cannot wait for the vaccine and hope for the opening of the border, which will significantly increase the number of flights.

We therefore call on governments to introduce systematic passenger testing both before departure and after arrival.

This process could follow the recommendations of a working group of the International Civil Aviation Organization and various health organizations. Governments could then lift travel restrictions and, most importantly, quarantine restrictions, which are the main obstacle to resuming our flights, ”de Juncia explained.

But meanwhile, Britain, which has already withdrawn from the European Union, has announced that a new quarantine policy will come into force on 15 December. Namely, passengers arriving from abroad will have the opportunity to pass the Covid-19 test after five days in self-isolation. If it is negative, it will be possible to end the quarantine. However, there is a nuance – the tests will have to be paid for by the traveler, and the price of such a test is from 65 to 120 pounds, but answers can arrive within two days. At present, 14 days must elapse after arrival in the United Kingdom.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of international flights has fallen dramatically. Airlines still suffering lossesmeasured in billions of euros. There are also still redundancies and other changes to think about in order to adapt to the new circumstances, waiting for better times.

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