Airbus will apply an ERTE to the entire staff of the Bahía de Cádiz Center | Radio Cádiz

Unions and Airbus have reached an agreement to apply an ERTE to the entire workforce of the Bahía de Cádiz Center in El Puerto de Santa María. The temporary employment regulation file will be of long duration, It will come into force this next Tuesday, November 3, it will last until December 31, 2021 and, since it is universal, it will affect 400 employees of the Porto plant, which belongs to the Defense and Space division of Airbus.

It is an ERTE for organizational and productive reasons that will have different impact on employees. Depending on the area where they serve, it will mean reductions in working hours from 20% to 33% or even 50%.

According to the president of the works council, Pedro Miguel Sanchez, “will be equitable, supportive and will guarantee 90% of the net gross salary during 2020 and between 80% and 85% during 2021.”

It is a measure that the unions have welcomed, because they consider that the aeronautical multinational has heeded their position that The current crisis that the sector is going through, although of enormous dimensions, is temporary and that therefore no traumatic measures are necessary since their recovery will certainly be agile when a vaccine is found and normal air traffic is resumed.

The presidents of the works councils of Airbus Puerto Real and Airbus CBC have appeared this afternoon to assess and detail the plan of social measures that has been agreed to restructure the workforce.

Said plan contemplates early retirement, voluntary, incentivized leave or transfers to other factories in the national territory. Social measures that, according to the unions, They will reduce to 50% the 286 layoffs that Airbus initially raised as excess personnel.

The huge crisis in the aeronautical sector has brought back Airbus’ intentions to close and sell the Puerto Real and El Puerto de Santa María plants. Given this situation, all the trade union centrals that have representation on the committees have jointly prepared a statement in which “they are directly opposed to the claims of the multinational, on the sale of plants and layoffs.”

In the aforementioned document consisting of six points, they affect the need for the next industrial plan drawn up by the multinational to consider the permanence of the two factories in airbus “and that the necessary investments and workloads that make it viable are also included.”

Finally, they warn that they will use all the union tools that are within their reach to prevent it and make “an express appeal to all and all the workers of the indicated plants, to defend and maintain their permanence in Airbus, to be vigilant, in tension , and to follow the evolution of the negotiations and the repercussions that may arise “.

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