Airbnb would play its survival in New York

The governor of New York state is preparing a law fining $ 7,500 for those who continue to illegally rent their homes through Airbnb. Another hard blow for the site.

It is not only in France that the “new economy” faces prohibitions. In the United States, too, where economic liberalism is king. We knew the difficulties of Uber in Las Vegas, it is Airbnb’s turn to “fight for its survival” in New York, in the words used by the Financial Times . According to the British newspaper, the platform for renting and booking private homes is under the threat of outright disappearance in the “Big Apple”.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reportedly working on a bill that would fined hosts $ 7,500 ($ 6,830) on short-term rentals through Airbnb. A measure that should be much more dissuasive than the one in force until then. Since 2010, it has been illegal in New York to rent an apartment for less than 30 days since 2010, unless the owner resides there at the same time as his guests or if the building has less than 3 apartments. If the City decided to strike hard, it is because it seems that a good number of New Yorkers continued to do so, to the chagrin of industry professionals.hotel, but also individuals who have noticed a surge in rents.

One rental per guest

To calm things down, Airbnb has reportedly planned to impose a new rule from November 1, limiting the number of rentals that can be offered by a host to one. The platform is also committed to excluding owners who violate the rules and proposes to create a registry to help the authorities track down fraudsters. According to Le New York Times, Airbnb would also set up a hotline to be able to denounce its neighbors. In addition, the group said Wednesday that it wants to pay a tourist tax in New York. The city could earn $ 90 million from it. In comparison, the collection of the tourist tax on Airbnb rentals in Paris brought in 5.5 million euros for the city in one year.

These measures do not seem to satisfy the opposing party. Linda Rosenthal, an elected New Yorker who co-wrote the anti-AirBnb bill allegedly claimed that the account was not there. “Those who transgress the law do not make the law, the legislator, yes,” she told the Financial Times. The most hypocritical in all of this is that Airbnb claims to be really interested in the average New Yorker who is trying to make ends meet.

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In addition, elected officials from nine American cities want to force Airbnb and its competitors to be transparent in order to fight against the surge in rents fueled by short-term rentals, according to a joint letter published last Thursday. In this letter, these elected officials from the West Coast (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle) and New York accuse Airbnb and others of “providing misleading data” on the number of commercial rentals as well as the income they generate. “We know that short-term rentals can exacerbate housing shortages, but we often lack the data necessary to tackle this problem while encouraging innovation,” said David Campos, an official at San Francisco City Hall. , quoted in a press release.

The signatories of the letter, who also include several residents’ organizations, are calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to intervene so that “reliable” data is available and makes it possible to tackle “the housing crisis. affordable ”.

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