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Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – To deal with the current handling problems, Frankfurt Airport wants to hire “several hundred” foreign temporary workers. According to previous estimates, the first employees could start working in eight weeks, said a spokesman for the operator Fraport on Wednesday. The federal government had previously cleared the way for easier recruitment in Turkey, among other places.

The security check at the state of Hesse alone takes six weeks, explained Fraport. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) had assured that no compromises would be made on security. This means that the main travel wave during the school holidays would be missed at the largest German airport. “The additional forces still help us a lot,” said the Fraport spokesman.

A lack of employees, for example in baggage handling or at security checks, led to sometimes chaotic conditions at German airports at the start of the main travel season. The situation in air traffic is also tense in other European countries.

Fraport cut 4,000 jobs during the corona pandemic and also lost staff who were looking for other jobs. As a result, there were problems during the ramp-up, especially with luggage loading, while the passenger checks did not produce excessively long waiting times, according to the company.

In the current year, the MDax group has already hired 870 new employees at its home hub. A total of 1000 new jobs are planned for this year. According to the company, more than 100 administrative employees work on the apron. The airport operator is currently advising passengers to be in the terminal around two and a half hours before departure and to have as little hand luggage as possible.

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