Air sector: companies call on states for help

Lhe summer in the northern hemisphere is generally the best season for global air traffic. Summer 2020 escapes the rule completely. Despite the heatwave, for the airlines, it was freezing. The figures published by the International Air Transport Association (Iata) could not be clearer: Global demand (the number of kilometers traveled by paying passengers) fell by 80% in July 2020 compared to last summer. If we look at intercontinental traffic alone (apart from domestic traffic within the same country or Europe), the drop is 92%. Less than one in ten thefts has been carried out compared to a year ago.

In Europe, “domestic” traffic fell by 87%, “improving with -96.7% in June,” details the Iata, and the occupancy rate of planes that were still flying decreased by 33.8% to reach 55% on average.


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