Air Force Veteran Turned Bikini Waitress: Cheyanne Long’s Viral Story


A California woman has gone viral after revealing her past profession. The woman named Cheyanne Long had worked in the Air Force and has now switched professions to become a waitress in bikinis.

Cheyanne shares her story on her TikTok @shyshypan. He reveals his new part-time job that is often underestimated by others. But financially, Cheyanne said that now his income is more than before.

Cheyanne says he earns bigger tips when his customers find out he’s an Air Force military serving the nation. But not a few also think that the 23-year-old woman was fired.

Cheyanne Long Photo: doc. TikTok

“Usually customers think I was discharged from the military or only served a few months and was dishonorably discharged. That’s all not true,” Cheyanne Long told The Post.

Cheyanne revealed that he served in the Air Force for four years. Chayanne is no longer working in the military as his contract has expired.

Since March her contract expired and since then Cheyanne has started looking for a second job. She had signed up to be a striptease, but a number of nightclubs were not accepted.

Now she works as a waitress who wears bikini work clothes to serve beer to customers. Chayenne admitted that his controversial work was seen as disrespectful by others.

Cheyanne said that this was only a temporary job. She is trying to get into the Hollywood industry by becoming an actress.

“Now I’m saving and having fun with my job and auditioning to start my dream career in acting,” she explained.

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