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AIDS: an HIV-positive Brazilian in remission without a bone marrow transplant – LINFO.re


This Brazilian with HIV may be the first patient to recover from AIDS without receiving a bone marrow transplant.

Treatment with powerful antiviral drugs

A 34-year-old Brazilian whose name has not been released was diagnosed with HIV in 2012. Doctors therefore prescribed several powerful antiviral drugs to see if treatment could help him get rid of the virus. page. The patient remained negative on the HIV antibody test after more than 57 weeks without anti-HIV treatment. Researchers believe this HIV-positive man may be the first adult patient to recover from the disease without having received a bone marrow transplant. This case was also exposed at the 23rd international conference on AIDS which was held online from July 6 to 10.

A more ethical track

The first healings of people with HIV were linked to a high-risk bone marrow transplant to treat cancer. Patients were baptized “Berlin” and “London”. According to Ricardo Diaz, an infectious disease expert at the University of Sao Paulo, the young Brazilian can be considered cured. “We are unable to detect the virus and it loses the specific response to the virus – if you don’t have antibodies, you don’t have antigen (no virus, editor’s note), he explained on the story ofWest France. He also believes that the treatment method they have adopted represents a more ethical approach for seriously ill people with page compared to that of bone marrow transplant. The fact remains that additional research still needs to be carried out.

According to the UN, 40 million people worldwide are currently living with page. Sharon Lewin, director of the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne, called Ricardo Diaz’s conclusions of “very interesting”. However, it suggests a more in-depth analysis of these data.

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