Aida Abdulaziz suffers from Alzheimer’s … her son “does not ask after Rajaa Al-Jeddawi.”

Sherif Ahmed Abdel Halim, son of the artist Aida Abdel Aziz, who is 90 years old, confirmed that his mother had Alzheimer’s disease, and this is after the death of his father, artist Ahmed Abdel Halim, and this is what was announced in the last few hours.

Aida Abdulaziz suffers from Alzheimer’s .. her son “Nobody asked after Rajaa Al-Jeddawi”

It is also worth noting that Abdel Halim added during a telephone interview with the “Ninth” program, which is broadcast on Channel One yesterday, Wednesday, that his mother forgets all the near and new events and remembers only all the old and distant events, and also that her condition is currently stable, and it is considered one of the things that he asked most Many people now.

He drew attention to the fact that no one asked her in the artistic community after the death of the artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, and also pointed out that his mother forgot about the death of his father and that she constantly asks about him and always feels renewed sadness, and this is immediately after she was told of his death years ago, and attention was also drawn to the fact that she had a broken Tub recently, and he asked all the artists to ask his mom.

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