Aid worth 600,000 dirhams received by Dubai Charity Association from Awqaf Foundation and Management of Minors’ Funds for Ramadan Campaign

The Dubai Charity Association received from the Awqaf Foundation and the Management of Minors’ Funds in Dubai, aid worth 600,000 dirhams for its recent Ramadan campaign, “The Good Lasts”, within the framework of the community and charitable partnership between the two parties.

The association stated that 484 families and sick cases benefited from the support provided by the Foundation during the campaign, of which 400 families received food vouchers at a value of 500 dirhams per voucher, in addition to sponsoring 45 orphan families, and providing support for 44 sick cases that submitted requests for assistance to the association to obtain Treatment and medication.

The Executive Director of the Association, Ahmed Al-Suwaidi, said that the Awqaf Foundation and the Management of Minors’ Funds in Dubai is one of the most important strategic partners of the Association over the past years in the field of humanitarian, charitable and development work.

He added that the sums provided by the Foundation to the Association represent a great support that contributes to the continuation of the distinguished charitable initiatives and programs offered by Dubai Charity, through which it embodies the vision of the UAE and the directives of its wise leadership in extending a helping hand and benevolence to the needy.

Al Suwaidi stressed the keenness of the Awqaf Foundation and the Management of Minors’ Funds to provide full support for the humanitarian initiatives launched annually by charitable associations and institutions in Dubai during the month of Ramadan to make families happy and meet the needy cases through several programs included in the Ramadan campaign, within the framework of its humanitarian approach and its societal vision of the need to support needy families, widows and orphans to help them. To bear the costs of burdens during the month of Ramadan.

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He pointed out that the assistance provided by the Foundation to “Dubai Charity” consisted of supporting humanitarian cases registered with the association, and distributing the Ramadan mere, “purchasing coupons” and food baskets for orphans, widows and people with limited income during Ramadan.

Al-Suwaidi indicated that the Foundation’s assistance to the association included the provision of 200 thousand dirhams for each of the sick cases, orphan aid, and Ramadan vouchers.

He added that through the support provided by the Foundation, Dubai Charity was able to help 40 orphan families with a number of 236 individuals, in addition to providing 200 thousand dirhams for 45 medical conditions that varied between cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, lung fibrosis, heart disease, surgeries and paralysis. Children and eye operations.

Al-Suwaidi stated that the association was able, through the Foundation’s support, to provide “Ramadan Mir coupons” for about 400 families, the value of each “coupon” is 500 dirhams, for a total of 200 thousand dirhams.

• Sponsoring 45 orphan families… and providing support for 44 sick cases.

2023-06-05 22:07:53
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