Aid organizations – Freiburg im Breisgau – air rescuers rehearse use with winch – panorama

Freiburg (dpa / lsw) – Emergency services from the DRF Luftrettung in Freiburg and the Black Forest and Württemberg mountain rescue teams have practiced how injured people can be rescued from inaccessible terrain with the help of a winch by helicopter. “Such a rescue operation requires teamwork with the highest precision,” explained Konstantin Muffert from DRF Luftrettung. The crews would therefore receive extensive training twice a year in order to perfect the handling of the rescue hoist. “Because in an emergency, every move has to be right.”

According to the DRF, using a helicopter with a winch and 90 meters of rope makes sense if a rescue from the ground is not possible at all or only with a long delay and high risk – for example in mountains, swamp areas or over water. In residential areas, for example, accidents on the roofs of tall buildings, chimneys and towers, transmitter masts and cranes could be reasons for such use.

For three days, until Saturday, there were training units in the area around Freiburg. The operational readiness of the helicopter “Christoph 54” stationed there was not restricted by this. A replacement machine was used for training.

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