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© Reuters. AI concept = skyrocketing pass Which ChatGPT concept stocks are Wall Street hyping?

News from the Financial Associated Press, February 2 (edited by Shi Zhengcheng)As OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT became popular, the capital market skillfully spread the hype feast, quickly pushing the prospect of business prospects to the roar of emotions.

This moment is just like that moment, and the current capital market’s enthusiasm for AI is like the “blockchain wave” in 2017. At that time, a company namedlong Island Ice Teaof U.S. listed companies changed their name to “long blockchain“, a gain of 289% on the same day. Although all the stocks that were hyped back then have disappeared today, Wall Street is always on the way to find the next hype concept.

Michael O’Rourke, chief market strategist at financial services firm Jonestrading, said:While artificial intelligence is undoubtedly a huge growth opportunity and a theme investors should take seriously, one should still be careful when buying stocks.There have been many similar things before, when a concept becomes hot and everyone wants to have everything related to it. For those who just bet on the stock name or symbol, wild volatility is bound to usher in.

For the U.S. stock market, it is going through a similar cycle right now.ChatGPT has not only brought fire to many companies that are deeply involved in the AI ​​field, but also many listed companies that intend to use AI technology have also been sought after by investors.

Which ChatGPT concept stocks are being speculated in the US stock market?

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When it comes to ChatGPT and OpenAI, we must first mention Microsoft, which has the “money ability”. The US Internet giant just announced last week that it has issued another $10 billion check to OpenAI, and is preparing to apply OpenAI’s model to multiple self-operated products. However, as the most popular ChatGPT concept stock, Microsoft’s stock price fluctuations are not obvious.

As a “shovel seller” in the AI ​​industry,Nvidia, which provides key chip support for computing power, soared 33% in the past January, which is also the company’s highest increase in the past six years.

In addition, in the camp of Chinese concept stocks, there are rumors this week that AI chatbots will be launched in March.Baidu (NASDAQ: )rose more than 10% in the US stock market on Wednesday.

In addition, the remaining ChatGPT concept stocks are full of speculative smoke.

Artificial intelligence data analysis company BigBear.aiIn the past January, it rose 385%,US version of “Today’s Headlines” BuzzFeedJust because the CEO mentioned that AI content will be part of the core business, the company’s share price surged 300% in two days last week.Provide software services for Raytheon Technology and Baker HughesC3.aiIt also jumped 77% last month.

The same story continues, WednesdayCustomer service robot developer LivePersonJust announced that it plans to use OpenAI’s technology, and the stock price rose by nearly 20% within a day.

O’Rourke concluded that before the “ChatGPT bubble” bursts, more companies will definitely add AI to their names, and many listed companies will also take advantage of the heat to accelerate the pace of financing.

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