AHY opens the rumor about pairing with Anies in 2024: many games

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President Democratic party Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (MYSELF) personally claims to have more correspondences with the figure Anies Baswedan which was recently declared by the Nasdem Party as a presidential candidate for 2024.

Alhamdulillah many matches. We have a lot in common, we have a lot to discuss on various issues. National problems, people’s problems, “AHY told Bantul, DIY, Tuesday (4/10).

AHY also claims to have the same opinion as Anies. You are concerned with synergies and collaborations between political parties and between leaders of change and improvement capable of presenting popular power.


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“We can present a popular power that can finally bring the flow of change with this improvement, truly sailing for the 2024 elections,” he added.

SBY’s eldest son estimated that the possibility of him mating with Anies in the 2024 presidential election from a political perspective was very likely. According to him, it is also the hope of the cadres of the Democratic Party and of various groups of people in the country.

“There is an axis of change and improvement. So let’s start with the big narrative that the Democrats and hopefully will open up a way to get together with two other political parties, namely Nasdem and PKS, to make changes and improvements. This is also our strength. they represent, who can be appointed to make the improvement changes, “he explained.

This kind of dynamic, according to AHY, continues. According to him, there is still enough time before reaching a resolution for the next democratic party.

“The elections are still next year, which means there is still time for us political parties and Mas Anies Baswedan and myself to continue communicating well,” AHY said.

Furthermore, AHY sees that the announcement of Anies Baswesan as a presidential candidate for the 2024 presidential election is the sovereignty of the NasDem Party. This, he said, had previously been communicated to his party about him and the PKS.

For him this is a test chemistry between Democrats, Nasdem and PKS which continues to build closely. Continuing to promote the spirit of mutual respect, including the sovereignty and internal mechanisms of each political party.

“Of course the Democrats will also declare presidential and vice presidential candidates for next 2024. But right now we obviously want to continue building intense communication with Nasdem and PKS,” he concluded.

The NasDem party officially announced Anies as a presidential candidate for 2024. However, NasDem could not name its presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

This is because NasDem only got 9.05% of the votes in the 2019 elections. The minimum requirement for presidential candidacy is to have 25% of the valid national votes or 20% of the seats in the DPR.

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