Ahsan/Hendra’s message after losing in the first round of the India Open

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Mohammad Ahsan/Henry Setiawan lost to Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang in the first round of the India Open. The Daddies admitted that the opponent played better.

Ahsan/Hendra lost 14-21, 21-18, 21-23 to Liang/Wang after fighting for 56 minutes. Ahsan and Hendra admitted that they had tried to look their best in the match.

“We have played to the maximum and brought out our best. It is not easy to face opponents. Especially Liang, who has fast and strong punches,” said Hendra.

“The opponent did play better. Even though we also played optimally, the opponent was superior in strength and speed,” Ahsan added.

After losing by a margin of seven points, Ahsan/Hendra showed maturity and high flying hours in the second game. They were trailing 5-11 but were able to come back and overtake at 17-15 after picking up five straight points. Ahsan/Hendra then won 21-18 in the second game.

The situation in the second game almost repeated itself in the deciding game. Ahsan / Hendra trailed 7-11 and continued to be 11-16. However, Ahsan / Hendra were able to equalize at 18-18.

Ahsan/Hendra repeatedly equalized and twice thwarted their opponent’s match points. But unfortunately Ahsan/Hendra eventually lost 21-23 via setting.

“Unfortunately, we lost at critical points. The opponent was indeed better,” said Hendra.

“After this, we will prepare ourselves to face the Indonesia Masters tournament in Jakarta next week,” said Ahsan.

At the Indonesia Masters, Ahsan/Hendra will face Akira Koga/Taichi Saito in the first round.

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