Ahsan/Hendra Stopped in the Quarter-Finals of the 2023 Malaysia Open

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Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan lost to Kang Min Hyuk/Seo Seung Jae in the quarter-finals Malaysian Open 2023 at the Axiata Arena, Friday (13/1) afternoon.

Ahsan/Hendra reaped two points at the start of the match, but Kang/Seo were able to equalize and even took the lead.

After that, Ahsan/Hendra were under pressure from the South Korean pair. After the score was 4-4, Ahsan/Hendra were left behind and were only able to add two points until the interval in the first game.

Behind 6-11, Ahsan/Hendra tried to get closer to Kang/Seo’s point. It was not easy for Ahsan/Hendra because the opponents appeared quite solid in defending and attacking.

Errors in observation and failure to cross the ball are Ahsan/Hendra’s weaknesses. So did the responsibility ball which was then grabbed by Kang/Seo.

The five-point gap in the first game interval widened and Ahsan/Hendra lost 13-21.

A draw score marked the start of the second game. After the score was 2-2, Kang/Seo moved away from the senior Indonesian pair.

Ahsan/Hendra were trailing 2-5, but they didn’t become sluggish. The world’s number two pair was able to win four consecutive points and turn around to lead.

Kang/Seo can get up. Their second attack can penetrate Ahsan/Hendra’s defense. Ahsan/Hendra were again able to handle the pressure and lead 11-9 at the interval in the second game.

Ahsan/Hendra can maintain their lead. The two veterans’ composure put them ahead 15-11, but the lead didn’t last long as Kang/Seo equalized and took the lead.

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Ahsan/Hendra trailed 16-17 before the match turned fierce at a critical point. The two pairs were able to score points and a draw occurred from a score of 17-17 to 19-19.

Ahsan’s narrow strike and wide return from Kang/Seo earned the Indonesian pair a 21-19 victory in the second game.

Ahsan/Hendra tried to play simple in the deciding game against the passionate Kang/Seo. Unforced error at the start of the third game, Ahsan/Hendra trailed 1-3.

Kang/Seo’s pressure made it difficult for Ahsan/Hendra to gain points. In a relatively short time, Kang/Seo drove away from Ahsan/Hendra with a five point advantage.

Kang/Seo, who were still energetic, continued to press and drop the ball. Ahsan/Hendra’s tactical play could not be shown optimally.

After trailing 3-11 in the third game, Ahsan/Hendra didn’t want to pick up the ball again and often played netting games. The pattern of the game did not change the course of the game much. Kang/Seo’s attacks are still dominant.

Ahsan/Hendra failed to advance to the semifinals after losing 11-21 in the third game.

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