Ahmed Shaker embodies Farid al-Atrash’s personality in Asmahan, and Ahmed Zaki is better than he embodied

Egyptian actor, Ahmed Shaker revealed the personality embodiment of the late Farid Al-Atrash in the “Asmahan” series, saying, “The work has been done with the utmost need to touch the hearts of the people, which is the honesty in acting, and when people believe me in the work, it will remain in their conscience, and the leader Adel Imam said: How did you play his role, and was he happy with my work and admired it?” And he stressed that at the same time, the Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaki was better than the body of the biography in the artwork.

Shaker added, “I embodied Farid al-Atrash’s personality in 30 episodes of the series, and I saw Farid as a good person, his blood is light and my impression of me is complete.
And Ahmed Shaker continued, during his interview with journalist Amr Khalil, in his program “From Egypt”, broadcast on the channel “CBC”: “Farid, although the songs contain sadness, but there was optimism in him, and people kept his way of speaking, and I entered a challenge and met him with a dream he came from Syria, and there used to be singing teachers, Abdel Halim, Umm Kulthum and Abdel Wahhab, but he had one spirit and a challenge.
He explained, “After Asmahan’s death, Farid al-Atrash separated from singing for two years after which he started his career on his own. He is a dreamy person who has turned into a strong and old artist.”

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