Ahmed Dogan donates 1 million pounds to deal with earthquake damage in Turkey

1 million Turkish lira was donated by the honorary chairman of the DPS Ahmed Dogan. This is clear from a post on his behalf on the party’s official Facebook page. The amount equals nearly 97 thousand BGN.

The donation is an expression of “condolence and sharing the hope of the Turks for recovery and security of their lives”.

“The tragedy that has befallen you is indescribable. I want to express my personal sympathy for your pain and suffering,” the message reads.

He also explains that Turkey’s history has been marked by many problems and challenges, but it has always found a way out in the unity and togetherness of the nation.

“The very fact that in a matter of hours and days Turkey received the solidarity of a large part of the world speaks volumes about its authority in the modern world. For this recognition you all have a place and a role. And we, as representatives of the Turkish world, are proud with this,” he also wrote on behalf of Dogan.

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