Ahead of Vaccine Injection, Vice Regent Hengky Reduces Activities

Bandung Barat

West Bandung Deputy Regent Hengky Kurniawan is preparing to administer vaccine injections on Friday (16/10) after the results of the swab test are announced. Ahead of the vaccine injection, Hengky will reduce activity, especially out of town.

“It is expected to reduce many activities, until this Friday we do not meet many people, then contact with positive patients, do not leave the city and so on,” said Hengky after undergoing a physical examination at Garuda Puskesmas, Jalan Dadali, Andir, Bandung City on Tuesday ( 13/10/2020).

He said reducing activity was also stated in the letter of agreement to become a volunteer for the COVID-19 Sinovac vaccine clinical trial. “Yes, there will indeed be an agreement that we cannot leave the city if we decide to cut parties, and there is no coercion,” he said.

Previously, Hengky had undergone a physical examination as well as a swab test. He is also optimistic that his first visit will run smoothly and normally.

“The preparations are physical, take care of your health, and thank God when the temperature was checked, it was normal, so you were not in a fever, did not take asteroid drugs and so on,” said Hengky.

He also made some preparations. “The preparation is natural, the important thing is to do this activity. I pay attention to food intake, vitamins, don’t stress, don’t get tired, so as much as possible there is no flu, fever, and thank God for normal empty volume (v0),” he explained.



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