Ahead of the Indonesian Independence Day, Historic Tunnels in Banjar Dress Up

Banjar News (Harapanrakyat.com),- In order to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the historic Philip tunnel in Banjar City, West Java, was dressed up.

Banjar KAI Station officers, carried out the maintenance of the Philip or Harry Wilhelmina Tunnel. The location of the tunnel is on the border of Binangun and Sukamukti villages.

Seen officers cleaning the historic building of the Dutch Colonial Government. Previously the tunnel was covered by weeds.

Deputy Head of Banjar Station, Yadi Supriadi, said that the Philip Tunnel is very historic. It has a length of about 281 and is listed as an asset of PT KAI.

“Philip Tunnel in the colonial era was used as a train access to Pangandaran. Now it has become a cultural heritage belonging to PT KAI,” said Yadi Supriadi to HR-Online, Sunday (14/8/2022).

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In order to welcome independence day, his party carried out infrastructure services for the railway line. One of them by doing maintenance on the historic building.

“Welcoming Indonesia’s independence, we carry out maintenance of this historic building. Such as painting the front of the tunnel and also cleaning the weeds that cover the building,” he explained.

According to history, the construction of the tunnel around 1914 by the Dutch Colonial Government. The tunnel is used to access the Banjar-Pangandaran-Cijulang railway line.

People used to choose to use the train as a mode of transportation to travel long distances.

Then, Yadi added, in 1982 the access to the Banjar-Pangandaran-Cijulang railway stopped operating.

“It started not operating anymore around 1982’s. Then from the government there was a discourse for reactivation in 1998 to get to Banjarsari. But in the past, there was a monetary crisis,” he added.

Yadi also hopes that the community will take part in caring for and also preserving cultural heritage or buildings that have a history. One of them is the historic Philip Tunnel. (Password/R9/HR-Online/Editor-Dadang)

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