Ahead of simultaneous elections, Dandim 0821/Lumajang calls on staff to be ready to face societal upheavals

Middle Indo Post,Lumajang – Kodim 0821/Lumajang Commander Lt Col Czi Gunawan Indra YT, ST, MM, requested all personnel to always be ready to address the unrest in the society ahead of the simultaneous general elections in 2024.

“Next year we have entered the first round of simultaneous elections, for this reason there is a lot of expectation of personnel preparation, to anticipate the turmoil that is taking place in society,” he said as he presided over the implementation of the joint morning rally, which was held at Makodim Shipyard 0821/Lumajang, East Java on Monday (28/11/22).

Gunawan also said that cooperation among personnel and with other ranks in the apparatus is needed so that the current turmoil does not lead to bigger conflicts in society.

“Increase cooperation among personnel and with other ranks in the apparatus, meet quickly and report quickly to anticipate any disturbances, so that problems on the ground can be resolved immediately,” he said.

In addition, Gunawan said that the results of the coordination meeting held in Jakarta a few days ago, he hoped the officers would be more careful in dealing with foot and mouth disease (FMD) in the region.

He continued, not only the mouth and nails that attack livestock, the disease also attacks the skin which can be transmitted to humans through direct contact.

“Currently FMD affects not only the mouth and nails, but also the skin of livestock which can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, be careful and always use masks and gloves when assisting officers in the fight against FMD in the area,” he concluded.(Repentance0821/Red)

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