Ah Tai Klom gig launches girlfriend After 7 years of breaking up, planning the future, preparing to get married?

Atai Glomgig Debut for the first time Mew And what makes you come back together again after 7 years of breakup, this time 3 months in a relationship Through the talk show on Channel 31 with Tanya, Thanyareet and Peggy Srithanya as the host, and the person said that he had left less than 100 baht with him.

Is it the new love to the old?

Atai: I used to go in a relationship in Grade 1, he came to flirt with me in school. Stand alone, he likes

Ming: But you want to be teasing him first. Watch it every day. So beautiful. So cute Whoa…. Watch every day. I can’t find it.

What about Nong Mew when you get complimented every day?

Mew: I’m embarrassed.

Who asks who is the girlfriend?

Atai: She asked him to be his girlfriend. With my handsome, he couldn’t stand it, so he asked me to be my girlfriend.

Are back together now He said very sweet?

Atai: Actually, in AIG, sometimes I create pictures. It’s not that sweet. I think it’s like a normal couple. Not so sweet But I’m a pervert I, like a lacks warmth, always ask if she loves him or her.

Looks very in love at that time, why did you break up?

Atai: At that time I was the one who broke up with him. At that time, they were together for 3-4 months. I broke up and I reasoned that with your age. You should have found a better Poppy Love because At that time I was working and I couldn’t manage everything. So I told him to break up. Because when eating and watching movies that he should have, I don’t have any, so I say that we are better friends. Because I can’t do this job very well

When asked to stop because of this We didn’t meet other people, right?

Atai: Yes, I don’t meet anyone else, I have this kind of reason. I feel that when we do something Then made it out badly We feel bad Do not want to draw him to live with us. At that time he should have found his life.

How did Nong Mew listen then?

Ming: I didn’t believe Poppy Love. Why did you come to break up? Sorry at that time

Atai: Weep too hard. I also terminated the exam date.

Can you take the exam, Nong Mew?

Ming: I have to take the exam, and I regret it.

At that time our feelings How much do we love him?

Ming: About one at that time. Because we were young, I didn’t know how much, but at that time, to some extent.

Considered as first love?

Mew: Yes, for that poppy love.

Which words make you feel really shocking? Tears flowed?

Ming: He said he couldn’t take care of us at that time. I didn’t think why I couldn’t take care of it. Just being a girlfriend, taking care of that much Didn’t ask for much

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Atai: There is one sentence that I think he regrets. I said we’d better be friends. And then at that moment I remember he cried. And say you can’t take it? Take hold of my hand I felt that we broke up on the day we were better friends than that day. Finished, it’s separated and can’t come back to talk.

Then the day we broke up Have we consulted anyone?

Atai: Not at all. I remember that day anyway. I said that I really felt that way, so I said it.

After breaking up on him How do we feel?
Atai: I’m sorry, but after about 1-2 months we can go back and talk. Given time to recuperate, and then we can go back to chat as friends as before

Do we have any thoughts on going to reconcile him?

Atai: None because I feel like I’m not ready yet. I got serious this time I thought I was ready.

At that time, Nong Mew broke up and didn’t want to be friends?

Mew: Yes, because I thought he couldn’t be friends. People are already fans of each other and can’t be friends.

Atai: At that time, I only bothered to be his friend. I talked 7 years ago, I never ceased from his life.

He consulted you about his girlfriend?

Atai: Yes, during the time he had a girlfriend. I am a person who respects people. When he has a girlfriend, I won’t talk at all. Until he speaks to us Because we feel that we don’t want to say hello Wait, his girlfriend will feel bad. I have faded. If he has problems, call me. I would say that she should be like this. He said this is better

When Nong Mew said that he has a new boyfriend Do we feel Hertz?

Atai: Actually, he tells me every period, talk to me or break up with me every moment. But just that at that time we had to give our best advice, ask if deeply, regret or not, very sorry, but we have to do everything well. We are fans, we act as fans well. At that time we were friends, we had to act as friends well.

Break up with Nong Mew We also enjoy a very single life with up to 10 people?

Atai: You can call it a seasoned person. At that time I talked a lot about 8 people, but I never had a double relationship. If dating someone, they are dating alone. But if a lot of talk time

Saw that during which we talk a lot Have you flirted with seniors in the industry?

Atai: Like, do you believe that this is still an issue that he can touch me every day?

How many people do you like now?

Atai: Right now, I don’t like anyone. Before coming to the talk show show, he went back to watch the tape that I had. I said that I like Nam Don’t talk to me at all Ask to play games Eat rice, not eat. At that time we liked But when we have a girlfriend, we haven’t watched anyone.

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So what is the time to confuse each other?

Atai: Food only

Is there a time when work shrinks?

Atai: Yes, as we take care of everything by ourselves. I take care of my family At that time, the remaining money in the account was 100 baht, or maybe even less than 100 baht, which was the hundreds, not paying anything. We paid for everything. We have taken care of everyone, but ourselves, we are left with only hundreds. Then next month they do something new and pay again.

And what did you do then?

Atai: I did it all at that time. Sell ​​chrysanthemum juice Do everything to feed the family The money that was kept was spent on everything at that time.

How much money does Atai have for his parents?

Atai: Not really, let him feed the rice. But we want to meet him. Inviting him to eat, I pay, but I don’t have money. In conclusion, I eat at a convenience store, buy a box of 40 baht.

How did Nao Mew give you encouragement then?

Mew: Wait, it must pass. There must be a job coming in.

Atai: At that point, it was one point that made me feel that this person is probably the person I can live with. Then I felt that he had never asked for anything from me. In the days when I will be with or without him still. He is the same

Mew, why did you choose to stay with Atai?

Ming: He’s a good mentor. And he was always there. As a good friend Looking at him all the time Whether you encounter problems at home Meet friends Found about love, then turned and consulted him all the time, so he remained with him.

Why come back to flirt with your ex?
Atai: I think it is probably time that we have different lives. At one point, I felt like I was serious.

So why is this person? Why do you have to be an ex?

Atai: At that point, when I said that I would have nothing or nothing left in his life, he was still on the day that we had a hard time. So why is it that on our days when we have someone else to be next to us? I think so.

On the day of holding Nong Mi again Was Nong Mew single then?

Atai: Single but with someone to talk to

Mew: At first, I didn’t catch up. Thought that it was normal Come back to be friends. Come back to talk, but all of a sudden you love him? And I didn’t keep up with it I have someone to talk to. I don’t know what to do. But in the end, it seems like holding the head Gathering the rat tail is his girlfriend.

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Atai: What I do, I think men can use it. At first I meet anyone. At that time I went to the mall At that time, I met the security guard. Brother, was my girlfriend beautiful? At that time I wasn’t a fan.

Ming: It was embarrassed at that time.

Atai: I checked my symptoms and refused to refuse.

When we get back together, how is it better than before?

Atai: In my eyes I don’t know what he thinks. But I feel good. With the fact that we don’t have to fine-tune anything Because we have known each other for 7 years

Mew: Okay, come back again. Like growing up Then come back as a grown-up girlfriend Thinking growing up But there are still little things.

Are you afraid that history will repeat itself?

Ming: No, but I’m more afraid of the future. Flirting is not sure as well.

Atai: I can tell you that flirting is no longer for me.

How do we see the future in dating?

Atai: Deep down, I plan to really marry in the future, I put my life back. I put down the day of my death. But if I stay at all, it is equal to my profit. Okay. I will lose my life at 80. I am aiming for 80 I will die. So it made us put it back. How many days do we have left? So we can do what we feel we want to do.

Why do we feel that we think this way because we are in our 20s?

Ah Tai: I feel that putting it like this makes us get better. Time it takes us every day. I would be very sad if only I was old and I hadn’t done what I wanted to do.

Do you have a goal at what age are you going to do?

Atai: 25 Married, has a child, I want to have an episode 25, he wants to have an episode of 30, I can’t tell, I feel that 25, who will see it too soon, I don’t know. I’m sorry, but for me, I think I want to go out with my kids. I want to be friends with my children. Going for a walk in the age apart from 25 years

You planned Have you asked me yet?

Atai: I am forced.

Mew: Yes, he forced.

Are we okay with his plans?

Ming: Really not okay. Look at the future again. Really. I think 25 is too early for me. I think I might be waiting. As expected, maybe 28 would be more ok.

Is Atai afraid of his girlfriend?

Atai: I am honored.

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