Agustina Cherri’s emotional farewell to her daughter Muna before her new move to New York

At the end of last year, Muna Pauls Cherridaughter of Gastón Pauls and Agustina Cherri received the long-awaited news that he would continue his studies on Broadway to become an all-round artist. Finally, the The time to leave for the United States arrived and her mother said goodbye with a moving message on Instagram.

From a very young age, Muna dazzled the family with her singing skills. But to this gift, she decided to add her passion for dancing and acting, and she began studying musical comedy in New York last year. The 13-year-old girl is part of the New York Teen Programin which his academy teachers Go Broadwaycreated by the Argentine Valentina Berger, guide her in her artistic future.

Gastón Pauls will travel to New York with his daughter MunaInstagram: @gastonpauls22

This week, his parents broke the news of his return to New York through their Instagram accounts. “About to take off. Accompanying, once again, the path of Muna. I love you, I admire you“, wrote Gaston Pauls in a story who are seen smiling with the suitcase in the background.

For her part, Agustina Cherri, who had her son Bono a short time ago, along with her partner Tomás VeraHe also dedicated some emotional words to him from his home. “With help they fly higher”, he wrote next to an image of little Bono’s hand on his chest.

Agustina Cherri's farewell to her daughter Muna
Agustina Cherri’s farewell to her daughter MunaInstagram: @agustinacherriok

She, my first love, in New York for her dreams for another year. The mother with the younger brother on her chest, wishing that she is always happy. Love you”, he concluded.

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It should be noted that this program for young talents in which classes, programs and workshops are offered was attended by Life, the daughter of Dante Spinetta; Sol Cwirkaluk (the daughter of The Polish y Karina the little Princess) Franco Masini; Florence Otero and Candela Vetranoamong other celebrities of our country.

As a surprise, Agustina Cherri showed Muna a video filmed last year and shared her reaction on social networks. In the fragment you can see the pianist and singer-songwriter Todd Alsup playing his instrument and singing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, but then he took the floor and referred to the young woman.

“Hello, Muna. This is Todd Alsup speaking from New York City. I have news for you. you’re going back to Go Broadway in February 2022 and we will work together again. I look forward to seeing you, see you soon!”, said the artist. The little girl, who had started with a smile, was moved to see the full video and hugged her father.

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Muna Cherri Pauls's reaction to the video sent to her from Go Broadway

Muna Cherri Pauls’s reaction to the video sent to her from Go Broadway

Both Agustina Cherri and Gastón Pauls shared the video and added more than 50 thousand likes among his followers. And my little giant returns to Broadway. To continue growing in what she likes to do the most, my pride, my happiness, I love you, daughter!”wrote the actress.

Meanwhile, the actor said: “Once again you travel to continue living your dream. You work for it, you strive, you search, you find. My emotion, my tears, my pride… All of this is generated by you.. Always you. Being your father is the greatest blessing that God has given me.”


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