Aguero grabbed the linesman girl. He gets pissed on Twitter and disqualified

In the match of the fifth round of the English Championship, Manchester City beat Arsenal (1: 0). One of the controversial highlights of the boring meeting was the incident around Sergio Aguero. After a fight at the corner flag, lineman Shan Massey-Ellis gave a strike to Arsenal. This angered the Argentine striker, who first said something to the referee, and then grabbed her by the neck. In the photo it seems harmless, but in the dynamics the actions of the Argentinean look far from gentle (unfortunately, we cannot show you the episode due to the rights to video broadcasts of the Premier League).

Uefa champions league

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Neither Shan (she made a move to push the player away) nor the fans liked this. Kuhn was immediately attacked on Twitter. Famous people joined the fans.

Journalist Pierce Morgan wrote: “What is Aguero doing? Why isn’t this deletion? “

Rosen MP Allin-Khan is also outraged: “Who does Aguero think he is? This is completely unacceptable. “

Here are the words of journalist Lyn Prescott: “Aguero touched Massey’s neck. This is really very bad. He would never have done that if there were a man in front of him. Humiliating and wrong. He doesn’t even understand what he’s done. It should be a disqualification. “

But no sanctions followed against Kuhn. Chief Arbiter Anthony Taylor ignored the episode. FA also did not find corpus delicti, reported by The Sun.

This is contrary to the rules introduced in 2016. According to their code in English football, any physical contact with a referee or assistant requires a yellow or red card, depending on the severity of the incident.

Pep Guardiola stood up for the Argentine striker: “Camon, guys. Sergio is the nicest person I’ve ever met. Look for sensations in other situations, not this one. “

Josep’s concern is understandable: due to injuries, both City forwards missed the start of the season. If Kun finally returned, then Gaby Jesus was out indefinitely. Guardiola does not want to be left without attackers again.

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Championship of England

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Championship of England

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06/25/2020 at 07:44

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