AGRICULTURE: “Agri-environmental and climatic measures must be accessible to all”, declares the Confédération Paysanne de Côte-d’Or

The Confédération Paysanne de Côte-d’Or is not associated with the farmers’ demonstration this Tuesday, April 6 in Dijon. “It is above all a much better distributed CAP which will guarantee to have more peasants and peasants,” she insists in particular.

Press release from the Confédération Paysanne de Côte-d’Or:

The Confédération Paysanne does not associate itself with the demonstration of tractors led today in Dijon by part of the profession, at the call of the FNSEA and the JA. While these unions, which have had all power in agricultural institutions for decades, claim to protect the peasants with reinforcement of demagogy and shock actions, they especially put indecent pressure on the public authorities so that nothing changes.

It is above all a much better distributed CAP that will guarantee to have more farmers, the only fair and sustainable way to make the agro-ecological transition a success. The Confédération paysanne wishes to recall the government’s responsibility for an ambitious CAP, which can help peasants activate the lever of this transition desired by society. Eco-regimes must be designed as a signal and an encouragement to change our agricultural practices, supplemented by ambitious aid from the second pillar. Agri-environmental and climate measures must be accessible to all producers, everywhere in the territory in order to effect this change of course. The government as well as the peasants and peasants must seize this possible opportunity in the next CAP to transform their practices, use this public aid to create more added value and peasant income and to make our farms more resilient.

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We want the public authorities to adapt their operations and the application of standards and regulations as tools at the service of virtuous peasant agriculture, its workers and the sustainable preservation of common goods. They must not function as vices which suffocate us, sometimes crush us, and thus leave the field open to industrial agriculture.

Finally, it seems urgent to call into question the free trade agreements which make agriculture and food commodities and level down the living conditions of peasants.

It is under these conditions, with the objective of producing better, in order to feed better and live better, that we will meet the need for our food sovereignty, the expectations of citizens and that we will give to a new generation of peasants. nes the desire to settle many.

To defend another CAP, the Confédération Paysanne will mobilize next week in Lyon for a CAP that helps farmers more than hectares!

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